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Gemli from Boston hits the nail on the head with this comment on Frank Rich’s great Op-Ed (as usual) in today’s NYT.

It’s futile to expect conservative Republicans to participate in government when their cynical goal is to dismantle government. They don’t simply have a philosophical difference with liberals as to how best to serve the populace. The pretense that serving the populace has any place in their philosophy vanished long ago. Occasionally you see their true face, when they call the president a liar during a national address, or when they apologize to BP for the government’s rudeness in expecting financial restitution for the disaster they precipitated.

The conservative tactic of lying to the ignorant to mobilize them into a great destructive army is the most reprehensible of their ploys. The idea that people like Limbaugh and Beck believe in the essence of their hateful rants is ridiculous. It takes intellect to deploy straw men with such aplomb, and to make convoluted illogical arguments without stepping on a logical landmine that might reveal the scam. I find it hard to stomach the idea that smart people would spend their time deceiving the ignorant for money and political power, but many conservative mouthpieces and politicians seem to be fine with it.

Conservatives view the populace as expendable pawns to be either manipulated or ignored as they implement their true goal of dismantling government to pave the way for our Corporate Overlords. Liberals are not always right or honorable, it’s true, but they don’t seem to move in such lockstep to the wishes of the corporate agenda, or to do it with such relish.

The political atmosphere is so strange of late that it’s like being in the Twilight Zone. And that TV program, so many years ago, gave a prescient warning that we might heed today: If you see a conservative reading something titled, “To Serve Man,” run away. It’s probably a cookbook.
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