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I can’t believe this. It should have been unanimously defeated. Three Democrats even voted for it. Here are the details.

Fifty votes needed to defeat it, and it got 51. Olmypia Snowe was the only Republican who voted against it. Her Maine colleague, Susan Collins, went along with the rest of the Republicans. Group think is important among Republicans. There are always a few Democrats who stray, in this case three.

Olympia voted against it because, having chosen to retire, she is free, free at last to vote her conscience.

And then there’s that fascistic pig, Rush Limbaugh. He calls a law student a “slut” for wanting contraception available. How 19th century can you get? And have any Republicans repudiated Rush? No. I guess he and Grover Norquist are the voices of the Republican party.

Here’s an excellent NYT editorial on the narrow defeat of the Blunt amendment.

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And she’s right! Never thought I would agree with Sarah Fucking Palin on anything, but in this case…..

Did you watch the president’s weekly address today?? Probably not. I didn’t either but I read about it later. He’s demanding an up or down vote on the small business aid bill.

This is another sign that he’s beginning to fight back. He can demand all he wants but Mitch McConnell holds the votes. Somehow that bastard has every little Republican under his thumb, even our sometimes moderate senators Susan and Olympia. How does he do it?

The blatant hypocrisy and duplicity of the way the Republicans blocked this bill by adding totally irrelevant controversial amendments which in all rights should require separate legislation should be obvious to any fair minded person. Why isn’t the media helping to shed light on this? Why aren’t they exposing this crap?

Because, as Momma Grizzly says, they are lamestream! It’s a lamestream media!!

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