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More Freaquing Snow!

Yup, another five or six inches drop in overnight. Soon I’ll be out again with that trusty snow thrower doing our driveway yet again. At least it’s not snowing now. I’ll be able to get out and take my neighbor, who doesn’t have an AWD Subaru, to work down in Bridgton, fifteen minutes away on a good day.
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This is a shot of the corner of our driveway (to the right) as of last Friday. As you can see, the road has been widened with those heaping piles of snow, thanks to the Town of Denmark. Today these piles are five or six inches higher due to the new snow we got last night and this morning. I ran the snow thrower over our driveway once again this morning and managed to get out OK with our Subaru Forrester.

So, this is the big Super Tuesday. It finally came. Twenty-four states will be voting but Maine won’t have its Democratic caucus until this Sunday, the 10th. It looks like Hillary and Barack are neck and neck at this point. I favor Barack but will support Hillary if she gets the nomination. John McCain I think is insane in that he’s totally succumbed to warmongering, not that he ever was anything but a warmonger. Whoever becomes President, Hillary or Barack, had better start cutting back on our over-bloated Pentagon and Defense Establishment.

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Ten More Inches

Yup, ten more inches of snow. That’s what we got yesterday to usher in the year 2008. Here’s a shot of our driveway just before 9am. The tracks of the meter reader man can be seen in the snow. The meter must be read when it’s time. :roll:

A couple hours later and we’ve cleaned off the driveway, mainly with the snow thrower but we had to shovel next to the street.

Here’s a shot of the turn around space for our Subaru and the start of the path to our front door. Lotsa snow, huh?

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More Snow

I was out again this morning with the snow thrower clearing out the driveway. We got another three inches of snow last evening. We’re beginning to build up quite a snow pack. Now the big one is due Saturday night and Sunday. It’s supposed to be a strong Nor’Easter.

Cynthia is very worried about my going to Llanda’s party Saturday night in Northborough, Massachusetts. That’s because after I stay overnight at Nadeem’s I might not make it home in the morning. I’ll have to let her use the Subaru with its nice All Wheel Drive to get to church which means I’m stuck with our two wheel drive light truck which doesn’t like snowy hills. I can’t make her use the truck because she might get stuck.

Well, tonight will be a test for the truck because I’ve been invited by the Gillinghams to have supper with Chet while the women of the church have their annual Christmas dinner together in Harrison. The Gillinghams live part way up the Hawk Mountain road so that ought to be a good test for the truck. I’d better make it or I won’t have any supper. boo hooo

Ain’t Christmas fun in the snow? I always threaten to fly to Aruba but never do.
:lol: :roll:

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