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No snow either and quite a bit of sun early on. I felt a little tired at church today and had some trouble singing but I came through well enough, even if with a slightly scratchy throat. Charles Howes did the service and had an excellent program about the importance of love, “standing on the side of love” as the UU’s say.

Charles reminded us of the nastiness and evil prevalent because of lack of love. For example, in Boston people stealing parking spaces and breaking windows because of frustration with the snow, and three young people in North Carolina senselessly murdered by a frustrated person who felt they took his parking space and that they deserved to die because they were Muslims. Very very sad and very tragic. Lives at basically their beginnings, early twenties, wiped out. Whole futures that now never will come to be.

How incredibly precious is life. To waste it is the ultimate tragedy.

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This has been the coldest winter I’ve experienced in a very long time. In fact I can’t remember a colder one. There may have been such winters and I just don’t remember them. The 1930’s? Could be. It’s useless to speculate. In any case it’s been colder than Hell here in Denmark, Maine. Also, a lot of snow! There was a year during the 2000’s where we got even more snow I think. I’ve got some photos. But this year takes the cake for cold combined with great amounts of snow.

Is this evidence against global warming? Far from it. In fact it’s evidence for global warming because this term really implies extremes in weather. For example in California they’re having drought like conditions in winter, very little or no snow or rain. And didn’t I just hear yesterday that this January was the warmest on record averaged over the entire globe? So there you have it climate deniers.

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Yup, ten more inches of snow. That’s what we got yesterday to usher in the year 2008. Here’s a shot of our driveway just before 9am. The tracks of the meter reader man can be seen in the snow. The meter must be read when it’s time. :roll:

A couple hours later and we’ve cleaned off the driveway, mainly with the snow thrower but we had to shovel next to the street.

Here’s a shot of the turn around space for our Subaru and the start of the path to our front door. Lotsa snow, huh?

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We got seven or eight more inches last night. Here’s a shot of our driveway from this morning around 9am. That’s the car of our son Nat (aka nash, the son, not the car). Doesn’t look like all that much, huh? Still, it’ll be a pain to shovel, especially since the snow’s probably wet. Maybe I’ll get help from Nat and Nye?

Nat fixed the snowthrower! Yeah! He replaced the two sheared off pins with bolts. Here he is over at Kate and Don’s place after he had finished doing our driveway:

Here’s another shot of him with Kate pointing to “the man”:

Finally, here’s our driveway around 11am after Nat finished snowthrowing it:

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After Snow

Looking out toward the road. See sand barrel covered with snow.

From our driveway looking west. See top of water well.

Looking northeast. See mountains. Deer camera was on edge of garage.

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