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Feb. 4th

This is the day back in 1965 that my father died. He had his heart attack while bowling , 3rd ball thrown I think. That was 45 years ago. Kate was about minus one month at the time.

The stock market tanked today. About time for a correction. But it was a surprise. I didn’t find out until I got home around 2pm. Went out snow shoeing anyway. Not much I can do about market, and I’m not ready to sell yet. I checked the corner of Kate’s barn where I thought the grey fox might have climbed, but couldn’t see claw marks.

I had my fasting lipid panel blood tests this morning. Fasted from last evening except for black coffee. All done by 8:30am. Had nice breakfast at cafeteria in the Stephens Memorial Hospital. Then I worked at church office. Got a lot done, various things. Then went back to that cafeteria. Had good chat with some people.

Dropped off copy of Board minutes at bank for Jessica LeConte. She was out so I didn’t get the forms. Then left Norway and stopped at Hannaford in Bridgton. Surprised Cynthia with scallops and thin sliced chicken plus more salad materials.

Watched Jon Stewart and part of Stephen Colbert tonight. Both good. Had watched Nightly Business Report first. Oh, btw, I got results back from lipid tests and my cholesterals are great! High on the good, low on the bad. And my INR is between 2 and 3 so I don’t need another “pro-time” test for a month.

Over and out.

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“Enjoy your new eyes.”, said Dr. Bruce Cassidy on my left eye post-op visit on Wednesday. Both eyes feel quite good, minus their cataracts and plus their new lenses, for now. But last eve I got a little worried that my right eye may be faintly showing double images, and when I was out snow shoeing yesterday afternoon I noticed a cobweb-like floater in my right eye vision. Is the “macular pucker” that Dr. Cassidy pointed out to me in a test on my first visit rearing it’s puckered head? Macular pucker may or may not affect vision and I don’t really think the vision in my right eye is suffering much, but when I have my visit with Dr. Christine Newell on Feb. 10, I can find out if there is any loss or distortion of vision in my right eye. Otherwise, it’s fun having this new set of eyes and not having to wear glasses, except for reading and computer viewing. The nurse at my last visit handed me a pair of drugstore glasses which work fine for reading and computer viewing.

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Snow Shoeing

I strapped on my snowshoes this morning and headed out the back door. The snow was a bit harder because some melting had occurred yesterday, and then a little refreezing during the night.

I stepped easily along my previous tracks which was fun. Then I made a new track around the front of the house which required some effort, but I thought, “What the heck, why don’t I head across the street into the woods?” Do something more interesting!

I surprised myself by managing fairly easily to climb up over the steep snow bank, and then off I was into the woods. The deep snow made the old path hard to find. Fortunately the red tags on the trees were still there but it was hard going! I had to stop fairly often to rest and catch my breath.

Finally I came to some deer tracks about three-quarters of the way up to the old stone wall. I had already seen enough squirrel and chipmunk tracks on the way and even snow prints of tinier creatures, so I decided to take a picture here. My shot of the deer tracks didn’t come out but here’s a shot of my snowshoe tracks.

I decided to go back to the house at this point because I told Cynthia I’d do some shopping for her. The trek back along the path I’d already made was a lot easier, of course, than the way up in the virgin snow. I navigated back over the big snow bank to the road without too much trouble.

The woods were lovely, dark and deep but I had promises to keep!

UPDATE: I made it up to the old stone wall this afternoon (Feb. 4), then turned right and proceeded another 20 feet or so. We’ll see how it takes me to make a path to the top of the hill.

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