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It’s hot’r’an’Hell today and promises to be even hotter tomorrow. I slept poorly last night although I had none of the big D. I’ve been free of that for the last several days. Maybe the Sertraline (Zoloft) was beginning to help me sleep but I’d rather not risk the return of the big D. See a post below.

I watered my three tomato plants which are beginning to grow fast, especially one of the German Johnson (GJ) plants. The one Cherry tomato plant is showing good signs of life too and is growing fast like the two GJs.

Here’s a photo I just took of the three. The Cherry plant is in the foreground, the two GJs in the backgorund.

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OK, I took my last Sertraline (Zoloft) last Wednesday evening, July 4, 2012. So, it’s been three days or 72 hours, plus about 12 more to account for last evening until now. Is that enough? Have I noticed any improvement in my Lymphocytic Colitis, one of the two forms of Microscopic Colitis, which I have?

Not right away. My weight has dropped another 1.6 pounds from last Wednesday morning to this (Sunday) morning. But I think the D has gotten better! (How often have I said that?) This morning I had one D around 5:30am, then I was able to sleep til about 7:30am, after taking awhile to get back to sleep.

But the encouraging thing this morning is that after breakfast I had a near normal BM. Great!

Incidentally, ever since seeing Dr. Nolan on Friday, the 29th of June, I’ve been doing the Asacol (Mesalamine) and Questran (Cholestyramine) three times a day, up from two times.

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