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Here’s the link.

There are a lot of good comments on this announcement in the New York Times.

Here’s a couple:

boygabe Brooklyn, NY

If the USPS were a company, they wouldn’t have to adhere to an idiotic law requiring them to pay into future retiree benefits at such high amounts. No private company is subject to such financial burdens.

However, Republicans seek to destroy the USPS, so they enacted these laws specifically to bankrupt the USPS.

It’s working exactly as they wanted.

Yet another public service slowly being destroyed by Congress.

In reply to Eduardo Angel Feb. 6, 2013 at 9:46 a.m.
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Rosa H……….. Tarrytown

This is just the beginning of what the Republicans would like to do to government. The idea that the richest country in the world can’t afford postal service is absurd. The problem the postal service faces is easily resolved. Congressional legislation forced it to fund its retiree pension shortfall within three years. (Private companies get 20-30 years). As a result of the billions that “reform” cost, the USPS is broke. If our so-called representatives took a tiny step out of their ideological straitjackets and used common sense, the USPS would not be running a deficit, and our postal service would not be slowly disappearing.

Just guess what will happen to prices and service when FedEx and UPS end up in control of the market. For starters, watch to see how much FedEx Saturday delivery prices go up.

Feb. 6, 2013 at 10:08 a.m. You recommended this 48

These comments say it better than I could. The bottom line is that if this country doesn’t wake up and vote the Republicans out of office, this country will become a third world country, and it may be this already! You can see that I’m mad….. Right?

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