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Why Oh Why?

Why oh why do I keep getting hits for aaron hodgins davis, sometimes mis-spelled as aaron hodgkins davis? Getclicky says in the last four weeks 8.9% of my search hits were for these two, 7.4% for the correctly spelled one, 1.5% for the other. Even today I’ve already gotten three search hits for these two (two for the first, one for the second).

I’ve mentioned him only in one of my posts, Dangerous McCain on August 11, 2008. I include in this post the remarkable YouTube film by Aaron Hodgins Davis with the title, Republicans and military men on John McCain, and I spell out that the film is by Davis with the soundtrack, Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell.

Just now I listened to the video again and it is indeed breathtakingly powerful with that soundtrack adding enormously to the film’s message. Perhaps this is indeed why I do get so many hits for it.

Another great film by Davis with the Mansell soundtrack is Operation Anthropoid on the plot to assassinate the Nazi, Reinhard Heydrich, known as Hitler’s butcher. Chilling!

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