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This is the title of the Op-Ed by Frank Rich today in the New York Times.

I’ve been reading through the over 800 comments on his piece, and here’s one by a Pauline from NYC that struck a special chord with me. The most popular comment, with over 1300 recommendations, is excellent as well. But none that I’ve read so far has hit the note of this one. But then again I’ve read only about ten of them.

Frank, the reality is that this anger has been building since last year, and it is not only the Tea Partiers.

As dangerous and deranged as these people are, people of every stripe are full of rage at the conditions in this country. For mostly valid reasons.

Quite apart from economic suffering, the daily assault of what life is becoming in America today renders people helpless — and that is the greatest incubator for rage.

The contemptuous dishonesty of the banks, to which anyone who has a checking account or credit card is subject; the corporate stranglehold on everything that touches our lives; the constant wars; torture as a regular topic of discourse; a destructive health care system in the hands of a corrupt, predatory industry; abysmal and worsening education standards and opportunities.

And all of this abetted, supported and kept in place by a platoon of corrupt, bribe taking political hacks.

This is not some crackpot interpretation!!! It is the reality that life in the USA is, and the average middle class person is being bled dry, daily.


Who would not be enraged? It is in fact astonishing that it has taken this long. But the saddest thing is that it’s the wingnuts who are making the noise.

If the mainstream, who are suffering badly, would in their own way make their voices felt, and stand up to the corporate/state union, they might stave off what all this portends: a slide toward fascism.

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Pick One?

The lesser of three stooges?

I thank Annette Ekstrand for forwarding this to me on email. The photo was apparently created by Susan Cassidy, a friend of Annette’s, using Photoshop. Or it may have been created elsewhere. Who knows?

In any case, are these our choices for President of the USA? If I had to choose, I pick the one on the left. That’s at least the direction the country is moving in, albeit slowly, perhaps too slowly…… Like, when are we going to end the war in Iraq, when are we going to bring our troops home from around the world, when are we going to have universal health care, when are we going correct the imbalance between rich and poor, when are we going reinstall habeas corpus, when are we going to stop appointing political hacks to government jobs, when are we going to……you name it?

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