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Here’s the link.

There are a lot of good comments on this announcement in the New York Times.

Here’s a couple:

boygabe Brooklyn, NY

If the USPS were a company, they wouldn’t have to adhere to an idiotic law requiring them to pay into future retiree benefits at such high amounts. No private company is subject to such financial burdens.

However, Republicans seek to destroy the USPS, so they enacted these laws specifically to bankrupt the USPS.

It’s working exactly as they wanted.

Yet another public service slowly being destroyed by Congress.

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Rosa H……….. Tarrytown

This is just the beginning of what the Republicans would like to do to government. The idea that the richest country in the world can’t afford postal service is absurd. The problem the postal service faces is easily resolved. Congressional legislation forced it to fund its retiree pension shortfall within three years. (Private companies get 20-30 years). As a result of the billions that “reform” cost, the USPS is broke. If our so-called representatives took a tiny step out of their ideological straitjackets and used common sense, the USPS would not be running a deficit, and our postal service would not be slowly disappearing.

Just guess what will happen to prices and service when FedEx and UPS end up in control of the market. For starters, watch to see how much FedEx Saturday delivery prices go up.

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These comments say it better than I could. The bottom line is that if this country doesn’t wake up and vote the Republicans out of office, this country will become a third world country, and it may be this already! You can see that I’m mad….. Right?

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This is the title of the Op-Ed by Frank Rich today in the New York Times.

I’ve been reading through the over 800 comments on his piece, and here’s one by a Pauline from NYC that struck a special chord with me. The most popular comment, with over 1300 recommendations, is excellent as well. But none that I’ve read so far has hit the note of this one. But then again I’ve read only about ten of them.

Frank, the reality is that this anger has been building since last year, and it is not only the Tea Partiers.

As dangerous and deranged as these people are, people of every stripe are full of rage at the conditions in this country. For mostly valid reasons.

Quite apart from economic suffering, the daily assault of what life is becoming in America today renders people helpless — and that is the greatest incubator for rage.

The contemptuous dishonesty of the banks, to which anyone who has a checking account or credit card is subject; the corporate stranglehold on everything that touches our lives; the constant wars; torture as a regular topic of discourse; a destructive health care system in the hands of a corrupt, predatory industry; abysmal and worsening education standards and opportunities.

And all of this abetted, supported and kept in place by a platoon of corrupt, bribe taking political hacks.

This is not some crackpot interpretation!!! It is the reality that life in the USA is, and the average middle class person is being bled dry, daily.


Who would not be enraged? It is in fact astonishing that it has taken this long. But the saddest thing is that it’s the wingnuts who are making the noise.

If the mainstream, who are suffering badly, would in their own way make their voices felt, and stand up to the corporate/state union, they might stave off what all this portends: a slide toward fascism.

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I’ve been scanning through the comments on the New York Times to Washington Takes Risks With Its Auto Bailout Plans. Most of them are screaming mad at the “bailout” plan for the auto industry. Incidentally, it’s not a bailout; it’s a loan. Anyway, at last I found a comment (#232) I can agree with:

Now we’ve got the mobs all fired up, screaming for the heads of the big 3 CEOs. Meanwhile, the bankers are skulking off with the entire US treasury in their back pockets, and not a hint of oversight. They’re raising interest rates on credit cards. Making it almost impossible to get a mortgage, or to buy a car. Who’s going to buy a car anyway when you’ve lost your job? Toyota’s and Honda’s sales are down 30-40% too. They’re not encumbered with huge contracts like GM and the other domestic producers are, because their governments provide healthcare for their employees and invest heavily in their auto companies. The big 3 were doing just fine a year or two ago, when Americans were buying their gas-guzzlers by the millions because that is what we wanted! It takes time to re-tool factories and make something different. Sure, fine, they should have started earlier. They’ve made their share of mistakes, but the banks, the financial markets, the oil companies and THE GOVERNMENT have been complicit in creating this mess. Free trade is not fair trade. GM is still very successful in Europe, selling fuel-efficient, well built cars. But they’re not allowed to sell cars in Japan. (By the way, the Brits are on the verge of having to bail out their auto industry too – people can’t buy cars when there’s no credit available or they’re unemployed.) So we have a situation where our own manufacturers cannot compete in our own market. And what do we come up with for a solution? Let’s get the government to regulate them even more tightly and make it even harder to compete here! Great! Let’s give the bankers the next installment of their bailout, with no strings attached so they can continue to withhold credit and charge usurious interest rates on whatever they do issue. At least we’ll have the heads of those evil, arrogant CEO’s! That should satisfy the mobs!

— Jim Doyle, Honolulu

Way to go, Jim! And I might add, who cares about the 3.5 million people who will become unemployed if our auto industry fails? As Jim says, we’ve got the heads of those evil, arrogant CEO’s.

Frankly, my dears, I’m sick and tired of people pissing all over our auto industry. And what’s more, the unionized workers are not overpaid. See Missy’s post on this.

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Here’s Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harvard-trained neuroanatomist, giving a recent TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk on her experience with half a brain. Her left brain was erased in a stroke, which she eventually recovered from. (Minds Erased, take note!) What’s amazing is her out-of-body experience of Nirvana when her left brain is shut down and her right brain alone experiences the world. Great and profound talk.
The New York Times has an article on her by Leslie Kaufman, the most popular article today, called A Superhighway to Bliss.

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