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Muntather al-Zaydi is the Iraqi journalist who flung the size 10 shoes at Bush. After throwing the shoes the poor guy was badly beaten and is now imprisoned. Is this Saddam all over again? al-Zaydi’s employers have published a statement asking for his immediate release. If you can read Arabic, here’s his employer’s statement.

Here’s a free online petition in English asking for his release as well.

Let’s save al-Zaydi from the dogs!
😈 :mrgreen:

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Flying Shoes!

OK, here’s something that will be seen over and over and over again, as it is in this video! An Iraqi journalist flings a couple shoes at Bush in Baghdad. See it live, then live again, then again, on and on and on. We may have lost the war — although not admitted by Bush or our MSM — but we gained a couple of size-10 shoes.

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