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First Snow

Looks like winter is here. Night before last we got about a half inch of snow. In a brief walk I tried to find some tracks. Nothing but squirrels…. Crick, Sean, and Nye will be leaving today. The Mommy was stimulated by their presence which was good. The food Crick prepared with some help from Kate was all good, including the two large turkey breasts. Crick had planned on taking the Mom to church on Sunday but Mom suddenly announced she didn’t want to go. As I was in the bathroom finishing the brushing of my teeth I heard the conversation which was over quickly. Crick said she can visit Nick on Sunday now. This is all for the best… Looked at a few of the videos on brain structure that I’ve had for a long time. These are conducted by a charming and humble guy named Walid Aziz. My goal is to get better picture of hippocampus and the so-called temporal horns. That’s it for now.

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