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Caucus Day in Maine

OK, we’ll be going at 1:30pm to the Town Library where the Democratic Caucus for the Town of Denmark is being held today. I’ll be handling one of the tables signing in people after the Town Clerk verifies people on the voting list. The second snowstorm of the day is supposed to start this afternoon so I hope we can get the caucus in before the next round of snow overtakes us. I’ll be bringing wife Cynthia, daughter Kate (of SleepyLa fame), and her SO Don. I have a feeling we might split our votes between Hillary and Barack.

But speaking of caucuses (caucii?), I just found another type caucus on the blog of Danielle Vyas. It’s the Hip Hop Caucus, well worth taking a look. Here’s a video of the big rally they had in Washington, DC, on November 17, 2007 with a preamble about the purpose and need for this rally.
YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE: We held the Democratic Caucus amidst another snowstorm in the Town of Denmark. About 50 people showed up which is pretty good for a little rural place like Denmark, Maine, in a snowstorm. The voting went 30 for Obama, 23 for Clinton, 2 for Edwards. This counts the seven absentees who went 5 for Obama, 2 for Edwards. So, of the people present, it was 25 for Obama, 23 for Clinton. In terms of delegates, Obama and Clinton each get one, with one alternate each. I worked with another person who read off the VAN numbers from an updated voter list, and I entered the VAN number into a Form 1 which then the voter filled out, giving name, address, and whether they would like to help the Democratic party in the future in various ways, multiple choice. (This goes back to the Democratic party headquarters for their voting list database.)

It was fun and exciting. Oh, I went for Obama; Cynthia, Kate, and Don went for Clinton. Incidentally, at the Republican Caucus in town a couple weeks ago 26 showed up, about half the number of Democrats that showed up today, and this is a Republican town.

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