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My goal, from now until the election, is to wake from this extended nightmare. There is no other explanation for us to be having this conversation, in which a minor shift in style or tone could put Donald Trump in the Oval Office. In my nightmare, tomorrow’s headline will read, “Trump doesn’t call Hillary a fat old lying cow with scrofula, soars in post-debate polls.”

If he doesn’t praise Putin or insult the mother of a dead soldier, will Trump get points? If Hillary grimaces or coughs or wears an unflattering outfit, will pundits declare her the loser? Is the bar really set so low that candidates must dig their way under it?

Conservatives got us here, having so beaten up our honorable two-party system that Donald Trump seems qualified to carry the Republican banner. They feign embarrassment while they watch Trump exemplify the ignorance, the blatant appeal to wealth and the denial of reality that characterized their game plan from the moment Obama took office.

Most people don’t follow politics all that closely. They see a headline, pick up the tone and talk among themselves. Conservatives commandeered the discourse and made income inequality holy, and healthcare for all an abomination. They rendered many of us stupid and susceptible.

So in a way Trump is your baby, Mr. Brooks, a veritable Rosemary’s baby, the evil spawn of ignorance and innocence. We may have to live with him, but you’ll have to change his diapers.

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I want to save this video here, and check back in November in hopes that it will have indeed proven visionary. These guys and this unity are our only hope for defeating John McCain and stopping a further descent of the world, or at least America, into a black hole. Let’s hope these guys and this unity can begin to right the balance no matter how imperfectly, far more imperfectly than a Dennis Kucinich or a Mike Gravel or a Jesse Ventura could achieve if they had the backing of the American people, but at least these guys and this unity have a chance for success, given the reality that is America. The John McCain alternative is too horrible to contemplate in my estimation……. Of course I could be wrong! Yes, I could be wrong! But, I’m afraid there’s too little time to achieve the miraculous.
Great speeches by both Hillary and Barack!

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