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More Juan Cole stuff this morning. He’s making a good argument that these new Obama administration airline passenger screening measures are casting too wide a net and will end up alienating people. Also, they tell al-Qaida which countries not to send bombers from. For example, Indonesia and India aren’t on the list. And why is Cuba on the list?

It’s hard to find a discussion of these issues on the American media which is so scared it might be called ‘liberal’ that it constantly bends over backwards to appease the republicans, who are mostly right wing now, with vanishing numbers of ‘moderates’. So, it was refreshing to hear, thanks to Juan Cole, a different analysis of these new screening measures brought to us by, yes, you guessed it, AlJazeeraEnglish.

Here’s a 24 minute video from AlJazeeraEnglish with the title, “Inside Story – New airline security measures: Safe or discriminatory? – 5 Jan 2009″


So, if Obama’s rhetoric is high minded and progressive, are his actions more like a continuation of George W. Bush’s policies? In other words, is Obama becoming W-ized?

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every last argument by Joe Perez for why one should or should not vote for Obama or for Clinton, including a great set of comments on the same. After reading most, not all, of it I agree with Joe Perez and come down on the side of Obama for President but if Clinton gets nominated, then a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Never will I vote for a third-party candidate, such as Ralph Nader, or of course never for John McCain. “Thanks Ralph!” still applies: we have Ralph to thank for George W Bush; let’s not have to thank him again, this time for John McCain.

A very thoughtful article in Vanity Fair by Todd Purdum, which I haven’t fully read yet, is Raising Obama.

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How un-maverick can you get?

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Here’s Barack Obama’s response to the Bush State Of The Union (SOTU) speech.

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Here’s Barack Obama’s South Carolina victory speech:

It was a slam dunk victory. Obama received more votes (295,091) than all Democrats in the 2004 South Carolina Democratic Primary (292,383), and he received more votes in this primary than George W. Bush received (293,652) in 2000 when he beat John McCain. And South Carolina is a “deep red” state where Republicans greatly outnumber Democrats. Interesting!

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Hendrik Hertzberg has the best analysis of the McCain quip, Make it a hundred, in answer to a questioner complaining that Bush wants to stay in Iraq for fifty more years. Hendrik was there and he puts the whole exchange in context. The bottom line:

But what the context shows, I think, is that yanking that sound bite out of context isn’t really all that unfair. McCain wants to stay in Iraq until no more Americans are getting killed, no matter how long it takes and how many Americans get killed achieving that goal—that is, the goal of not getting any more Americans killed. And once that goal is achieved, we’ll stay.

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