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…. the fact that our country is once again falling into a morass if not an abyss, namely Afghanistan. Not that it makes much difference what I say here. My loyal readership has dropped down to a precious few, while most of it, such as it is, comes from people searching for Frank Zappa, Pearl Harbor Day, or other things largely irrelevant to the present moment. How did I ever set up this blog for such an outcome?

Anyway, getting back to Afghanistan, Frank Rich in the NYT today has a block buster of an Op-Ed called “The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul”. I think this is a must read for everyone, even those searching for Frank Zappa. (By mentioning Frank Zappa here, maybe some in their searching will chance upon this post?)

Here is the number one comment by readership popularity on Frank Rich’s article:

Fort Hood is an example of how religious doctrine can be used as an excuse for mentally unbalanced people to assume the role of the God they claim to worship. It’s not only Muslims who fall in this category, but Christians who blow up Federal buildings and murder abortion doctors. It also applies to ultra-Orthodox Jews who assassinate Israeli prime ministers.

There are hotheads of all types and sizes looking for a holy war. Cooler heads should prevail.

Afghanistan is the latest chapter in America’s attempt to play God in another fashion, by recreating the world in our own image. It’s time to quit wasting our soldiers’ lives and our resources and focus on what it will take to finally bring the U.S. infrastructure, education, and social safety net into the 21st century.

This comment, by Aredee of Madison, WI, is getting 560 reader recommendations with the second most popular getting 367. Practically all of the many comments on Frank’s article are for America getting out of Afghanistan. Check ’em out, after you read the article.

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It looks like about 80% or more of the visitors I have to this blog now are searching for Frank Zappa! Never knew I was such a resource. So maybe I should change the site name to ZappaSite from SeevsPlace? Hey, and this post will only increase the Zappa hits. Zap Zap WoW!
:mrgreen: 😈 😆 😆 😆
UPDATE: I’ve already got 5 visits to this post in the last couple hours. See the sidebar. I’ve got ten times more Zappa hits than the next most frequent.


Boy, have I gotten a lot of hits for Frank Zappa in the last week or two! See my sidebar. I think it says 87 hits. Wonder why all of a sudden? There must be some recent news about him. Minds Erased has some great stuff on Frank Zappa. He/she must be getting deluged by Frank Zappa fans!


Here’s Frank Zappa away back in 1974. That’s some 34 years ago, would you believe. Well, it’s pretty fresh and Frank has great fun right off the bat!
To hear Frank Zappa in a Crossfire interview back in 1986, see this post by mindserased. All he is saying, is what’s wrong with words?

UPDATES: “My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can.” –Frank Zappa. See PrayerCards for further quotes and image:

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