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Oh, who cares what Dennis says? But, hey, they gave him a whole minute here.

He does point out that the US gave Israel all those weapons only on condition that they not be used for aggression. Oh, but isn’t Hamas the aggressor? Depends how you define the word “aggressor”.

Watch this and you get a chance to see Bush telling a joke at the end. It’s really funny! Check it out.


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Dennis Kucinich speaks! He says it all in a dramatic six minute speech at the Democratic National Convention on August 26, 2008.

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I want to save this video here, and check back in November in hopes that it will have indeed proven visionary. These guys and this unity are our only hope for defeating John McCain and stopping a further descent of the world, or at least America, into a black hole. Let’s hope these guys and this unity can begin to right the balance no matter how imperfectly, far more imperfectly than a Dennis Kucinich or a Mike Gravel or a Jesse Ventura could achieve if they had the backing of the American people, but at least these guys and this unity have a chance for success, given the reality that is America. The John McCain alternative is too horrible to contemplate in my estimation……. Of course I could be wrong! Yes, I could be wrong! But, I’m afraid there’s too little time to achieve the miraculous.
Great speeches by both Hillary and Barack!

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Dennis Kucinich reads the articles of impeachment of Bush:
Way to go, Dennis. Who’s listening?

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I discovered this interesting chart for the US Primaries 2008 while perusing Notes from underground. It was created by The Political Compass. Sadly, according to the criteria of the Political Compass website, the only two candidates who show up as non-authoritarian and left of center are the two that hadn’t a ghost of a chance, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Clearly, the perspective here is not that of the American Mainstream Media, but may it not in fact be realistic from some perspectives, perhaps that in parts of Europe?

The website also provides a test for a person to compute where she/he stands on the Left to Right, Authoritarian to Libertarian scale. I took the test and found that I fell in the lower left quadrant, that of the leftist libertarian. The questions are general enough so that if you feel like putting in a little bias you can maybe move yourself around a little on the chart, or even perhaps a lot, depending on how much you might cheat.
hmmmmmmm 😆 :roll:

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I chanced upon an extended interview of Dennis Kucinich, including this great paragraph:

Kucinich: Well, Iowa is a couple of factors that came into play. The American people—I never looked at it as being about me—I mean the American people are entitled to the fullness of the debate. It’s not democratic to try and shut one point of view out. And since it’s very obvious to anyone watching that my point of view is profoundly different from any other point of view being offered inside the party, what they’re actually doing is unwittingly contributing to the destruction of the Democratic Party itself by saying that “these are the only points of view that we will deem acceptable within the Democratic Party.” And those points of view are generally reinforcing the corporate mentality inside the party. And that’s very destructive of the democracy. It actually contributes to the undermining of the hope for legitimate debate within a democratic society. And one of the major issues that I feel is somehow somewhat linked to what’s going on in Iowa, is the issue of health care. I’m the only one in this race who’s talked about the necessity of a single-payer, not-for-profit health-care system, Medicare for all. Now this plan would bring health care to those 46 million Americans who don’t have any health insurance and the tens of millions of American who are underinsured, who would no longer have to worry about their economic position being undermined by the insurance companies. Insurance companies make money by not providing health care—we all understand that. When you consider that half the bankruptcies in this country are linked directly to people not being able to pay their medical bills, when we consider that the bankruptcy laws were changed so that people would be locked into a sort of debtors’ prison for a good part of their lives, you come to understand the imperative of HR 676, the bill that I coauthored, as being the path toward economic self-sufficiency. Many homes in this country are finding that their budgets are totally undermined by their health-care costs. And so my solution is apart from any other candidates. It’s very interesting how little, despite a real effort, how little coverage the not-for-profit health-care system receives, how little coverage this proposal receives.

Of course, it means we’d all have to pay more taxes, a no no. Well, tough! We all here in America ought to pay more taxes, and if we bring the troops home NOW as Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson suggest, the taxes we’d have to pay would be far less.

Ha! Ha! How impractical can I get? Am I forgetting that Corporate America would not allow this? By gosh, I did forget that! :roll: 😆

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