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The cat, named Bunky, had to be put down today. He was Kate’s cat and I was fond of him because he was so big and funny and pretty. At the same time Hosni Mubarak flew to his seaside Red Sea resort, 250 miles from Cairo which immediately burst into a wild sea of celebration. I said goodbye to Bunky this morning by stroking his fur and talking to him which got his attention. Now he is no more, cremated. Mubarak too is no more, not cremated, but no more is he in charge of anything in Egypt. The generals are now in command. We’ll see what they do. They promise to give the people what they want, democracy. Promises, promises.

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The ignorant, led by the nefarious, shepherded by the violence-prone, supported by the media are holding democracy hostage in America.

Think I’m crazy? Exaggerating? Scan some of the Op-Eds in the NYT online today for support of my sentence above, based as it is on a reader’s comment on Gail Collins’ Op-Ed.

James Carville many years ago said, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Well, now he should say, “It’s the stupid, stupid!” because America has gone stupid, if it wasn’t stupid already which it was.

UPDATE: For a thorough, heart-felt and rational discussion of where we are now with this, see Terry McKenna’s post, Chaos Theory – It COULD Happen Here!, in the Daily Renewal blog.

Here’s the most popular comment on Gail Collins’ Op-Ed at the moment:

What is going on in America today is in no tradition I can remember, and I am pretty old! I listened to Bill Maher tonight, and his New Rules were positively depressing–although funny in a “gallows humor” sort of way. For instance: 34% of Americans STILL believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11! 47% of Republicans TRULY believe that Barack Obama was not born in the US (maybe that’s a good thing?), Sarah Palin says Obama’s healthcare plan is “downright evil,” and would force her to take her Down Syndrom child before a “death panel” every five years!!! Eeeeek! Get me out of here!

Is it any wonder that our ill-informed, highly anxious citizens are massing at town hall meetings yelling at their congressmen to “Tell the Government to Keep Its Hands Off of My Medicare?” Who think that a Living Will is a “Death Panel?” OMG–is our citizenry really this stupid and uninformed? Will we ever get over ourselves–and the Civil War????

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