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Fighting Back!

Brian Donohue posts a video, Barack On Target, which shows Barack Obama’s speech yesterday in which he fights back with words like the following: I don’t care what they say about me but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift-boat politics. Enough is enough!

In another post of Brian’s, John “I’m Coming in My Depends” McCain, he provides a link to a great sequence from the Daily Show in which Jon Stuart really rips into McCain’s performances at the Republican National Convention and elsewhere. Well worth watching!

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Sam Hearts Sarah!

Samantha Bee, that deliciously over-the-top comedian correspondent for Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, tells it like it is: “As a proud vagina American myself, I’ll be voting for McCain in November…”. Why? Because the woman Sarah Palin is his running mate of course! Hilarious!

NOTE: The video I previously had here is “no longer available”, so, I had to replace it with a slightly longer one of a little over 4 minutes run time.

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Gustav Hearts RNC?

“While the Republican leadership races to the Gulf Coast to show their empathy, their delegates are left abandoned in the Xcel Center.” See the Daily Show News Team deal with this:

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