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Time Marches On

Yes, that’s the old saw. Everyone agrees with that. But here it is Christmas morn and I’m free for a bit to write a note or two here for posterity.

We had a great Xmas eve service last eve at the Norway UU church. Big attendance. Lots of enthusiasm. Well led by Richard. Coherent and non-stressed candle light service at the end. And I had fun belting out the carols. Heather had me do a little jazzy ah men after it was over. Gad, do I love her!

Got to thinking, as perhaps I do every Xmas time, about the years past, about the people who brought me up. My mother, father, and the aunts and uncles, cousins. During the 1930’s and 40’s we had those great old Christmas get togethers at Aunt Marjorie’s or Bernice’s place. There was the long motor ride in to one of them on Xmas day. My mother liked to count the Xmas trees in windows on the way. I was the hero to my girl cousins. The adults would chatter away and laugh. They’re all gone now, except for three of the cousins.

Where are we going? I’ll be 81 next month and how many years will there be? But I’ll enjoy every last bit of it, even though I’m concerned at the moment about my upcoming cataract operations, my necessary pause on the Coumadin, and Cynthia’s cognitive problems re numbers and planning.

Today around 1pm, Kate and Don, Clarissa, Sean and Nick will all arrive for our opening of presents and our consuming of mammoth fish chowdah! Kate is doing the chowdah. We’ll open the presents from 1 to 2pm, then have the chowdah. We did a modified Yankee swap this year, thanks to a suggestion by Eryn, who with Nat can’t be here because this year they’re at Eryn’s parents. I drew Clarissa in the swap and got her a coffee maker. Also, I’ve purchased a bunch of small items, stocking stuffers, which will satisfy the needs of people to open presents. We’ll see how it goes. Should be fun.

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Yes, I seem to be feeling better for now after I stopped that metronidazole antibiotic and started on Imodium. The metronidazole antibiotic had almost run its 7-day course but I didn’t take the last two pills. My almost constant diarrhea urges seemed to stop when I stopped the antibiotic, although on Tuesday starting right away on the Imodium — four pills a day I was told to take by the Doc — has brought a complete stop to the diarrhea. Now will my problem be constipation? I’ll be going back to Stephens hospital tomorrow for my blood test to check on my INR level. The INR was high on Tuesday because of the antibiotic — I didn’t get the number — so I was told to stop the Coumadin until I get my next blood test tomorrow. This morning I had my normal pre-diarrhea breakfast of one egg on toast, juice and coffee with half a banana. Isn’t this all fascinating?

But what is really bothering me at the moment are the fascists in this country shouting down health care reform at the Democratic town hall meetings. I won’t say any more on this because I’m too pissed off.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: I probably have a touch of Irritable Bowell Syndrome (IBS). Maybe that’s why I’ve become irritable? Ha ha?

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Minor Op

Today I had a minor operation. I am prone to seborrheic keratoses. Here’s a picture of one. Yuk.

This is not a picture of one of mine which are usually darker and bumpier. I’ve had one above and to the left of my left eye for the last several weeks, and my family physician felt it ought to be “looked at”.

From the Wiki, “The main danger associated with seborrheic keratoses lies in their resemblance to malignant melanomas, which has sometimes led to a misdiagnosis of the cancerous lesions.” The Doc felt a biopsy was in order for this one, and also I felt why not remove the whole thing, for “cosmetic reasons”? Since I take the blood thinner, Coumadin, he recommended that the procedure be done in the hospital, so today at 8am I went into the Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway, Maine, accompanied by Cynthia, for my minor operation.

It took them an hour to “prep me” which wasn’t that bad even though I had not been allowed to consume any food or water after midnight. The nurse was very pleasant and attractive, and it was good to have Cynthia there with me for chatting and extra care. Finally, the hour for the operation arrived, another nurse appeared and gave me some “happy juice” as a mild sedation, and I was wheeled off to the operating room. It was over in a flash, or so it seemed, and I was wheeled back, given a sweet roll and some coffee, and sent on my way with a list of instructions. Cynthia did the driving even though I felt fine. The stitches come out in four days and soon after that, if not before, I should learn that the keratosis was benign…….
UPDATE: 2/16/2008 Actually the stitches don’t come out until the 22nd. The dressing came off in four days, namely, today. Now an inch and a half long scar with black stitches is visible beside my left eye. Perhaps a black patch would do?

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