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OK, here’s the ultimate reference and review of this whole mind-body thing, or rather consciousness, from a Quantum mechanical point of view. It includes within it Henry Stapp’s theory just as one approach out of many. I’m really going to try to read the whole thing, I think. Just want an overview. It was written by Dr. Harald Atmanspacher.

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I came across the following on Henry Stapp’s Wiki:

Stapp favours the idea that quantum waves collapse only when they interact with consciousness. He argues that quantum waves collapse when intelligent brains select one among the alternative quantum possibilities as a basis for future action.

This seems crazy at first glance, but here’s a further sentence from his Wiki:

Stapp postulates more global collapse via his ‘mind like’ wave-function collapse that exploits certain aspects of the quantum Zeno effect within the synapses to explain attention.

If you check out the above link to the quantum Zeno effect, you find something strange indeed. Say no more! Except the effect is related to the Turing paradox!

Over and out for now.

Oh, before I go, here’s another link: Physics and Whitehead Workshop.

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Sam Harris is a well known atheist, a hater of religion along with the other “horsemen”, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Dan Dennett, but he has this mystical side. That word, mystical, must be defined very carefully, however, or the wrath of Sam will be upon you.

Here is a good tract by Sam Harris in which he goes into this. He argues that secularism has no content other than its negativity:

To be secular, one need do nothing more than live in perpetual opposition to the unsubstantiated claims of religious dogmatists.

The “mysticism” he espouses has to do with meditation and the mystery of consciousness. Here is the last sentence of his third note in his article:

Still, consciousness remains a genuine mystery, and anyone who attempts to study it is confronted by serious conceptual and empirical problems

Antonio Damasio, a well known neuroscientist, has a new book out in which he attempts to explain consciousness scientifically. However, John Searle, a well known American philosopher takes issue with Damasio’s claim in his New York Review of Books article, The Mystery of Consciousness Continues.

All very interesting.

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The fact is that without consciousness there may as well be nothing. The real paradox of the universe is that it managed to create sentient beings who can actually attempt to understand it at all.
This I found at the end of a comment by Paul Mealing on Stephen Law’s post, “Peter Atkins vs myself on limits of science”. It expresses perfectly my believe as well.

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Spooky Red Book by Carl Jung appears at fall equinox. The changing juxtaposition of heavenly bodies coincides with the eruption of the unconscious out of Jung, in his own words and pictures.

Mind and body now subsumed by the struggles of soul in the psychic depths of the deep, dark unconscious underworld. Forget your universes upon universes, your ultimate multiverse transcending space and time.

The Jungian underworld takes center stage now as the equinox crosses our horizon. The physic depths upon depths and transfiguration of souls erupt into consciousness, and we see the tips of this ultimate underworld in this great newly translated tome, the Red Book of Jung’s unconscious by Carl Jung himself!

Here’s a couple pages to give a tiny flavor of what’s inside:

Of course it’s all BS but it’s phantasmagorical fun BS anyway.

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