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What a Party!

Two parties actually, one on Friday evening and a bigger one Saturday evening. These were the combined Mother’s Day, Birthday celebrations for Cynthia — Mother’s Day on Sunday, her birthday on Monday, today, except that these days were pushed back by one to accommodate the weekend for our working progeny.

So, on Friday up came Nat and Eryn in one car and Clarissa and Nick in another car. Nat and Eryn arrived about 6:30pm, Clarissa and Nick about 15 minutes later. Eryn and Nat ordered pizza right away from JimBob’s, and when Clarissa (Cricket) and Nick came, Cricket threw together a nice salad.

I munched down one slice of pizza — I believe mushroom, cheese and something else — and had a little wine. Others did something similar. Kate and Don came over to join us and similarly imbibed. The next morning, Cricket drove Nat, Eryn, and Nick over to Norway to the Cafe Nomad for their delicious blueberry pancakes.

Saturday night was the big event with much hilarity and presents galore for Cynthia. Let’s see, not sure I can remember all the presents at the moment but the new coffee cup I got Cynthia was outstanding, I think! Also, the box of Burt’s Bees lotions from Kate and Don, the two books from Cricket and Nick, and the Red Sox memorabilia book from Nat and Eryn were much appreciated by Cynthia. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. [Yes, I did: Nancy came over too. Forget her present but her card to Cynthia was sweet and memorable.]

The next morning being Sunday, Cynthia and I left at about 5 of 9am for Norway and choir practice at the church, saying fond goodbyes to the gang. I was pretty tired but began to revive as the morning went on into the church service. I lit a double candle for Cynthia’s birthday and Mother’s Day and the congregation sang the obligatory “Happy Birthday to You” led by Heather for Cynthia.

All in all, a whirlwind weekend, and now we’re going over to the Fryeburg Route 302 Pub for supper on this, Cynthia’s birthday. The Kellys called briefly from the Netherlands at 3pm to wish Cynthia a Happy Birthday.

That’s it for now.

What a great time we had at the Pub 302! It was “Date Night” so we ordered the “Date Night Special” consisting of chocolate covered strawberries for appetizer, a wonderful blueberry, red raisin, nut salad with delicious dressing, fillet Mignon for two with stuffed shrimp and baked potato, a sprite of champagne to start and a bottle of wine at half price, plus the final coup d’état of flaming fried ice cream covered with chocolate sauce! When the waitress brought out this dessert with sparklers flaming on the sides of it, the music was turned way up and everyone in the restaurant yelled Happy Birthday! Cynthia was really surprised and pleased by this. We had a ball!

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