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Mine eyes have seen the glory of the floaters coming right!
Coming right from my right eye in every day and night!
But why should I now panic with 20-25 good sight?
The light keeps shining bright!

Glory, glory, all my cataracts are gone!
Glory, glory, mine eyes still sing this song!


A week ago I had my eyes tested my the nice Christine Newell, OD, in Bridgton, Maine. While my left eye had 20-20 vision, my right eye had only 20-25 vision and saw floaters, not real bad floaters but floaters nonetheless. These and the 20-25 vision are caused by the macular pucker I described in a previous post. But I can live with this, and I was told that the brain (if I only had a brain!) can eventually accommodate itself to these floaters so that I’ll hardly notice them. Moreover, I’m told that macular pucker usually doesn’t get worse, and if it does, there are ways of correcting it. So, what me worry? I now have 20-20 vision using both eyes! Glory, glory Hallelujah!

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