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I find I’m hooked. Hooked on the Web. It’s just so easy to keep clicking and clacking, going here and there, looking at this, reading that. Lots of good stuff online. And blogging takes up much of this time, if one wants to do it right, and, yes, have fun in doing it. But in this surfing and blogging I’ve found books to read and gone ahead and ordered them. But when can I read them? Not while I’m online, not while I’m blogging and surfing and clicking and clacking. :roll:

So, I’ve got to take a break. Try to rejoin the real world for a while, read my books, do non-online things.

So, thanks fellow bloggers for looking at this blog and for your many great comments. I’ll be back later, after I’ve detoxed a bit. :lol:

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Concerned as we were about our flight north yesterday — those 90% snowflakes in the weather icon for Denmark, Maine, were worrisome to us — we arrived without a hitch about 2:30pm in Portland and found the weather not so bad after all. The sudden shock of cold air was even a bit invigorating. But it was lovely warm down there in Ranchos Davies, about twenty miles from Fort Lauderdale, in upscale horse country. We even stayed on Thoroughbred Lane. Laurie and Roberto “Faibi” Tuchman have a large home, guest house where we stayed, and a large barn plus paddocks for the six horses (two belong to them) they currently board. I snapped a lot of horse pictures plus a number of others, 78 in all (see MY FLICKR in my right sidebar). We visited a couple museums, the Viscaya in Miami and the Flamingo Park nearby. I loved those bright orange flamingos standing, perhaps asleep, on one leg.

I managed to get some reading in: over half of Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Then I completely re-read The Private Life of the Brain: Emotions, Consciousness, and the Secret of the Self by Susan Greenfield because Faibi Tuchman is a noted neurologist and I figured I might have a chance to ask him some questions about the brain. Sure enough, I did, and he gave me two books to read: On Deep History and the Brain by D. L. Smail, and In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind by Eric Kandel. I’ve started reading the latter, a fascinating part memoir, part history of brain science, and I’m up to chapter 9 out of the 30 chapters in the book. As a would-be philosopher of mind :lol: the least I can do is try to understand what scientists know about the brain before I philosophize about it? :roll: :lol:

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A few posts back, in a post I called “Where I Am”, I mentioned that I was in Prince Edward Island with my wife and her sister. The trip was from August 17 to 26 and we stopped for overnights at St. Andrews by-the-Sea at both ends of the trip. On the well-worn assumption that one picture is worth a thousand words, let me direct your attention, whoever you may be reading this, to the Flickr pictures under MY FLICKR on the second sidebar here. I don’t have them all edited yet, but have edited a good lot of them. However, they start backwards in time: the last shall be first. Just click on the picture at the upper left under MY FLICKR and away you go. In fact, I’ll include the first peekture here, as a sort of teaser:

Let the lecture begin?

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“Prince Edward Island is heaven to me” goes an old tune, and that’s where I am now, along with Cynthia (wife) and Nancy (her sis). I brought along some papers by Thomas Nagel for light reading. :lol: I did some hiking in this beautiful park where we’re situated. Have seen a fox, a beaver, a heron, and bunch of wild birds, so far. But we’re coming home soon. This is a beautiful island, no question ’bout it. I even met Anne of Green Gables yesterday, in the flesh, by accident. Got a couple of pics of her. oh oh my time on this computer at this Internet Cafe is about to run out. I better quit for now. Anyway, this is whre I am!

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