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This has been the coldest winter I’ve experienced in a very long time. In fact I can’t remember a colder one. There may have been such winters and I just don’t remember them. The 1930’s? Could be. It’s useless to speculate. In any case it’s been colder than Hell here in Denmark, Maine. Also, a lot of snow! There was a year during the 2000’s where we got even more snow I think. I’ve got some photos. But this year takes the cake for cold combined with great amounts of snow.

Is this evidence against global warming? Far from it. In fact it’s evidence for global warming because this term really implies extremes in weather. For example in California they’re having drought like conditions in winter, very little or no snow or rain. And didn’t I just hear yesterday that this January was the warmest on record averaged over the entire globe? So there you have it climate deniers.

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Here it is, the first of March, and it came in like a …. Lion! A giant snow storm is in progress.

Right on schedule, but still a little late for the celebrators and workers in the snow. JimBob was complaining to me a couple weeks ago that the lack of snow was hurting his business and the businesses of a lot of others too, i.e. the snow plowers, roof cleaners, ski resorters, snow mobiler salespeople, etc. But why not try to make up for it now? There’s still the whole of March, 31 days of it. Of course it could warm up.

At least Olympia Snowe went out like a lamb the day before the big storm. But she is now causing a storm in the GOP which is good thing.

When was the last time March came in like a Lion? Using the almanac weather history finder, and going back year by year for Portland, Maine, for March 1, the first serious precipitation I found was 1.86 inches on March 1, 1999. Pretty wimpy of the first decade of the 21rst century, eh? Except for today!!

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OK, I finally cut loose after lunch today on that Christmas Song and feel better about it. I think it’s getting under my skin, as it were, meaning it’s becoming part of me like “When the Night Wind Howls” is part of me. But still, I’m not quite there yet with it. Have another week to go before our Dec. 20th concert so, hopefully, that should give me time to really nail it down.

Thought I would put my snow shoes on this afternoon and go for a hike down back. But when I faced the outdoors with its wicked wind and icy coldness, I said the hell with it and came back inside. No use of torturing myself. I’ll wait for a better day. (Maybe we’ll have rain and then a freeze so I can walk on top of the snow?)

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Snow Upon Snow!

OK, here we go again. Another wintry blast. Did they say 10 to 14 inches? We had one last Sunday and Monday, the 22nd and 23rd, and now here we are again, a week later, with yet another one. How many 10 to 14 inch storms can we get? Who knows? Maybe next weekend yet another? Well, anyway, here’s some photos from the Feb. 22-23 storm:

Mountain of snow from inside garage!………..Jeff Rhodes and Equipment!

Here’s Kate and Cynthia!…………………………My shovel at generator platform!

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Wicked Heavy Snow

OK, it wasn’t as bad as last year at this time. See Snowy Hills and Valleys from February 16, 2008. But it was bad enough! Wet and heavy as all hell! The stuff kept clogging up my snow thrower, especially today. Last night we got a few more inches of the wet stuff to add to the eight or so inches we had gotten the previous night. I had enuf trouble yesterday with the snow but today was even worse, even though there was less of the stuff!

Here’s our driveway after we finally finished it this morning. Note it all melted leaving a bare surface. Shows you how wet it was. Beside the driveway pic is my shovel after slicing some bricks out back to get the snow off our Honda generator platform. Each pic can be enlarged by clicking on it, and clicking twice makes it even larger.


UPDATE: Oh, oh, more sounds-like-wet snow coming Sunday afternoon. Will we have fun in church? Will we make it home afterward? Will we be sure to bring my cellphone? Will we even go? Who knows? Will the cows come home?

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Snow Shoeing

I strapped on my snowshoes this morning and headed out the back door. The snow was a bit harder because some melting had occurred yesterday, and then a little refreezing during the night.

I stepped easily along my previous tracks which was fun. Then I made a new track around the front of the house which required some effort, but I thought, “What the heck, why don’t I head across the street into the woods?” Do something more interesting!

I surprised myself by managing fairly easily to climb up over the steep snow bank, and then off I was into the woods. The deep snow made the old path hard to find. Fortunately the red tags on the trees were still there but it was hard going! I had to stop fairly often to rest and catch my breath.

Finally I came to some deer tracks about three-quarters of the way up to the old stone wall. I had already seen enough squirrel and chipmunk tracks on the way and even snow prints of tinier creatures, so I decided to take a picture here. My shot of the deer tracks didn’t come out but here’s a shot of my snowshoe tracks.

I decided to go back to the house at this point because I told Cynthia I’d do some shopping for her. The trek back along the path I’d already made was a lot easier, of course, than the way up in the virgin snow. I navigated back over the big snow bank to the road without too much trouble.

The woods were lovely, dark and deep but I had promises to keep!

UPDATE: I made it up to the old stone wall this afternoon (Feb. 4), then turned right and proceeded another 20 feet or so. We’ll see how it takes me to make a path to the top of the hill.

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Snowy Snow Snow!

Yes, we’ve got a lot of snow already. Even ahead of last year at this point I bet. Another 12 to 14 inches here yesterday. And a “mix” coming on Wednesday. Yuk!

Cynthia and I braved the elements yesterday and headed for our UU church in Norway, Maine, leaving a bit before 9am. No trouble at all getting there. The snow hadn’t started yet. But during our church service the storm began.

We were having an exciting and amusing Solstice service. Noise makers and drums were brought in to chase away the darkness and witness the return of light and life. So, as we had fun banging and clowning around, the snow began to build up outside.

Hey, we had some serious aspects to the service as well. It wasn’t entirely Pagan, but did have a bit of the Christmas cheer with tree and all, plus some messages for the Christians among the sparse congregation.

Needless to say, we left for home, normally a 35 minute drive, right after the service. We did fine, driving very carefully behind lines of cars behind snow plows, until we made the turn onto rt 117 to Denmark.

Then suddenly, with no warning from anybody (not even from God), we spun off the road. I watched in horror from my driver’s seat as our Subaru Forester slid past a road sign and to the right of some birch trees, and came swinging around down an incline to rest beside a small house. We were unscathed but a bit traumatized.

Suddenly people seemed to appear from nowhere. A small truck with a plow stopped up on the road, people got out and came down to us, a friendly guy from the house came to my window. “Hey, with a little help I think you can back out of here!”, he said.

The people in the truck maneuvered it down by the house and started removing snow from behind our car. Cynthia was invited into the house. Shovels went to work and I was told to back up slowly. Before I knew it, the car was freed and ready to go.

I thanked the people profusely, drove back to the road from the driveway, and followed the savior truck, ever so carefully, back toward Denmark, and then made it up the hill and home.

All this time it had been snowing without let up of course. What a exciting and interesting day we had! Whew… we were sure happy when we emerged from our car safely at home.

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Yes, the last ten days have seen a major decrease in the level of snow. Our well head first became visible again just a few days ago and now most of it can be seen. Well, it’s not in this picture below but if you compare this one with the April 7th picture you can see the big difference in snow levels.

I had fun walking up and down our dirt road this afternoon poking around with my walking stick. The temp was in the upper sixties and there was this roaring current under the snow on the shaded side of the road. The stream broke through in a few places but clung to the side as it roared down the hill. The sound of the roaring water can be heard for quite a distance away.

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Here’s a shot I took today (April 7) out the window over our front porch. Hey, you can see some bare ground!

OK, here’s approximately the same shot taken back on Feb. 16. Nice clean snow, huh?

Has there been any progress made in getting rid of the snow? Hard to tell. They almost seem like two different worlds, yet the same. Or not.

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Here’s a picture looking out of a window in our house onto the driveway and road in the distance. See the hills and valleys of fields of snow! The latest storm, ending as it did with freezing rain, polished the snow fields and now in the bright sun they glisten nicely.

Here’s a shot looking at the house from the end of the driveway. The window from which I took the previous shot, suggested by Cynthia, is to the left of the door. Dramatic?

I wonder what the rain and 47 degree temperature predicted for Monday will do to the piles?

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