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There are seven of us, four men and three women, rehearsing for three performances including dress rehearsal on July 26, 27 and 28. One of the men, a guy named Brian, talked me into joining them so I’m now one of the four men. Not sure I should have agreed to this.

There are a lot of rehearsals. We have today and tomorrow off, but then Sunday through next Thursday there are rehearsals every evening from 6:30 to 8:30pm, and more after that, the week of the performance. We’ve already had four rehearsals.

I’m beginning to get the hang of it. We all read from scripts, no memorization necessary. It’s easy enough to read the script; there are 53 joke-stories and the whole thing lasts for about an hour and a quarter at this point.

The problem is how interact properly with the other person or persons on stage, how to do appropriate miming, and how to turn to indicate passage of time in a joke-story. Each of the joke-stories is performed by separate groups of the seven, groups of from one to four or even five people.

One has to talk very loud and face the rear of the auditorium where a big mirror is supposed to be, although it’s not there yet. One talks toward the back mirror when one is talking to the other character or characters on stage, but talks to the audience when one is narrating. When acting as one of the characters one is supposed to mime what one is saying, not so easy for me, but hopefully I’m learning.

Oh, did I mention this is taking place at the Denmark Arts Center?

I hope I survive it! lol ha ha

Cast & Crew:
back row: Dona Forke, Brian Grennan, Lee Goldsberry, Marden Seavey
front row: Allene Westleigh, Stan Struzynski, Jayne Hamaty, Penny Morris

Contact: Fritz von Ulmer

Date: 7/16/12

RE: Have FUN at the Denmark Arts Center!

For their 20th year, Mainestage Readers Theatre is presenting another collection of skits this summer, called FUN TIMES, which will be performed on the Denmark Arts Center stage on Thursday, July 26 an audience-invited dress rehearsal, Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28 all performances at 7:30 P.M. Laughter is good for the soul, so old and new friends are asked to join in the fun for a non-stop hour plus of entertaining “adult humor” as the cast pokes fun at society and ourselves. Do note the dates and times of the performances on your calendars and plan to attend this relaxing, air conditioned evening of FUN TIMES that will have you smiling and laughing for days afterwards.

A $ 10.00 donation to benefit the Denmark Arts Center is a very small price to pay for “the best medicine!” So, come laugh on July 26, 27 or 28! OR COME ALL THREE NIGHTS AND STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY FOR MONTHS !

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Boy, have I gotten a lot of hits for Frank Zappa in the last week or two! See my sidebar. I think it says 87 hits. Wonder why all of a sudden? There must be some recent news about him. Minds Erased has some great stuff on Frank Zappa. He/she must be getting deluged by Frank Zappa fans!


I got a kick out of NYT Columnist, Gail Collins’, put down of McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin in her Op-Ed this morning, Baked Alaska. If old McCain thinks this selection will immediately scoop up a bunch of disenchanted Hillary supporters, he may be in for a surprise. Of course, the MSM will be sure to find such people and interview them, thus making sure the world gets the impression there are tons of these disgruntled people hanging around just waiting for their chance to vote McCain. The MSM’s still in love with the so-called maverick and will quickly (already have) label Palin as yet another lovable maverick. But Collins has some good arguments for why women in general might not be flocking to this new Republican ticket, and her closing line, referring to that famous put-down of Dan Quayle by Lloyd Benson, is a zinger:

Joe Biden may already be practicing his drop-dead line for the vice-presidential debate: “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

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Jon Stuart has fun at the Oscars:


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There are some that don’t like kilts and some that do. Here’s a site that doesn’t and they feature this picture there:

In fact they even say it’s sinful for men to wear kilts. Gad, what party poopers! Any comments??

ps. I found the link on the MadPriest‘s blog.

Here’s a great satire I picked up from Juan Cole this morning, I Wanna Be Like Usama by Sorab:


See Jihad The Musical for more. 😆