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See this elephant paint a portrait of himself:

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I got the idea to post this from Brian Donohue’s post here.

UPDATE: Here’s a petition link to oppose South Africa’s plan to kill elephants.

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Deer in Headlights

Well, not really headlights, just the red glow from my Cuddeback NOFlash infrared camera tirggered by the heat and motion of the deer. It’s the red glow that’s got the deer transfixed. The camera is screwed into the side of our garage and the deer’s about eight feet away. The time is off by two and one-half hours. Should be closer to 9:30pm, not 6:58pm. I’ve fixed that now. We’ll see what happens tonight.

UPDATE 12/12/2007: Here’s that doe again. Same one? This time apparently more at ease with the camera. Her nose looks cold….

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