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I took a new pic of my tomato plants today:

I used my remaining bag of organic potting soil around the three plants.

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It’s hot’r’an’Hell today and promises to be even hotter tomorrow. I slept poorly last night although I had none of the big D. I’ve been free of that for the last several days. Maybe the Sertraline (Zoloft) was beginning to help me sleep but I’d rather not risk the return of the big D. See a post below.

I watered my three tomato plants which are beginning to grow fast, especially one of the German Johnson (GJ) plants. The one Cherry tomato plant is showing good signs of life too and is growing fast like the two GJs.

Here’s a photo I just took of the three. The Cherry plant is in the foreground, the two GJs in the backgorund.

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My dear wife, Cynthia, who I seem to miss more and more as time goes on, gave a wonderful passionate sermon once about her great love for gardens and landscaping. This was on Palm Sunday at the Norway, Maine, UU church on April 9, 2006. The other day while driving to Norway and trying to imagine and hear in my mind the sound of Cynthia’s lovely well modulated voice, it occurred to me that a tape of the April 9, 2006, service may still exist. Kevin Farr happened to be at the church so I asked him. Two minutes later he was back with the tape which I later gave to Kate. A few days later she presented me with a wonderful CD of the entire service. What fun I’m having listening to this! On first listening I could not stop the tears from flowing.

For a copy of her sermon see here.

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Yesterday I decided to call David Pratt of the amusingly named Bolster Monumental Works to find out if the stone plaque for the church garden was ready yet. (David does monumental works. Pretty good!) He said it was and I guess he was just waiting for me to call. So, I suggested we meet at the garden at 11am. He was there on time and did a good job placing the stone plaque where I wanted it, just below the Welcoming Congregation sign. What does it say on the plaque? Here’s what it says:
This Garden Designed by Cynthia Nye Seavey

ps. I’ll add a photo here as soon as I can get a good one.

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Here’s a humorous poem my wife Cynthia wrote back in March 2004. It’s purpose was to stimulate people to gather together their plants for the upcoming spring plant sale at the Norway UU church in Norway, Maine.

Plant Sale / Church Garden
(A Reminder)

Garden lover, garden lover,
Lend to me your ear!
Soon your long lost, joyful plants
Will flaunt beloved cheer.
Even as you inhale each bloom,
Pray appraise just what is there!

For May the 29th’s the date
When our surplus shoots,
Potted, labeled, and arrayed
(care taken for the roots)
Will once again with pride be placed,
For eager shopping groups.

Dig and separate your extras
Daisy, iris, herb;
Hostas, pansies, lilies. asters –
All you may disturb;
Such hardy, lush perennials.
And it’s for the church!

Now ponder this as ‘mongst your jewels
You putter and pot up:
How now a greeting U.U. plot
Before the steps wend up?
Color, texture; summer, winter.
Hello! We’re here! What’s up!

Thus may church reach out to Main Street,
With love and beauty say:
“We welcome all, we value all.
Come in, from out the fray”.
Oh gardeners list’, consider well,
Your plants may pave the way!

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This afternoon I planted six tomato plants in the outer rim of the round garden Cynthia had made a few years back. I had previously yanked out the weeds in this space with my bare hands. Bare hands! Then again with those bare hands I pulled up the low flowering weeds in the semi-circular area below the rectangular garden area in which I had planted two rows of green bush beans this morning. Then I stirred up the soil with the hoe and plunked in a butternut squash plant and a pickling cucumber plant. Yesterday I bought a couple zucchinis and plunked them in the rectangular plot beside the strawberries. Then I cut down some tall weeds shading that area. The three Cherry Tomato plants I put in over a month ago are looking fine now. Kate put wire frames around each of them. And finally, the numerous lettuce plants I put in at the same time as the cherry tomatoes are looking good.

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