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The problem of where our mind is — it’s in the brain, but how, where? — is tackled in these abstracts from the Philosophy Workshop on the Embodied Mind, July 9-10, 2007, University of Hull.

Here’s a typical abstract:

“The Apparent Truth of Dualism and the Uncanny Body”

Stephen Burwood
University of Hull

It has been suggested that our experiences of embodiment in general appear to constitute an experiential ground for dualist philosophy and that this is particularly so with experiences of dissociation, in which one feels estranged from one’s body. Thus, Drew Leder argues that these play “a crucial role in encouraging and supporting Cartesian dualism” as they “seem to support the doctrine of an immaterial mind trapped inside an alien body”. In this paper I argue that as dualism does not capture the character of such experiences there is not even an apparent separation of self and body revealed here and that one’s body is experienced as uncanny rather than alien. The general relationship between our philosophical theorizing and the phenomenology of lived experience is also considered.

Neuroscience in general does not concern itself with these philosophical meanderings, but I’m strangely, in fact strongly attracted to them.

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Ah, the exciting Minimos Users Symposium of 1989 in all it’s glory! Can you identify the participants? I see me! Second from right standing, with Wilfred Haensch behind me to my left.

Can you identify the seated front row people? Let us begin with Martin Thurner on the left. Then comes Johann Nittmann, manager of the CEC and looking quite chipper. Beside him sits the lovely Romy Maier, the office secretary and consultant for those new to Vienna. Beside Romy of course sits the great Professor Siegfried Selberherr, inventor of Minimos! And then comes the fun guy, Willie Curran who handles all the business relationships. Wonder where he is now? Beside Willie sits someone I can’t recognize, and then comes someone I can recognize but can’t think of his name. As I remember, he was a friendly fun guy.

Where are they now? After 21 years…

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Take a look at the side bar (on the right) on this blog. The third image down shows a crouching lion with link to the 16th US National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM) on June 27 – July 2, 2010.

Looks like pretty heavy and advanced applied mathematics to me. I won’t be going myself. It would be way over my head. I only put it there as a favor for my old time friend and one time colleague, Thomas Savarino.

Tom is a pretty brilliant mathematician in his own right and maybe he’s going to that conference. Maybe he’s even been invited!

Tom also has a wicked sense of humor which I appreciate. You can find him on facebook. We’ve kept in touch, off and on, via email for over twenty years.

Of course, it’ll be a miracle if anyone actually gets motivated by my little side-bar link to attend this conference, given the paucity of readership here.

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