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The Stooge in Chief should hire representation that resonates with his worldview. I’d suggest the firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

The job of being the president’s lawyer is tough. It’s bad enough that they’ve got to defend the indefensible, but when they represent a client who’s sleazier than they are it causes confusion in their ranks. Usually it’s the lawyer who’s the slippery eel with questionable bona fides and unsavory connections. But their client puts this shameful lot to shame.

The Stormy storm hasn’t blown over yet. Oh, the tales she could tell, and will tell, once the tangled web of unsigned non-disclosure agreements have been nullified. But as salacious and damning as the details might be, I’m not sure I want them in my imagination. The guy is repugnant enough just standing there fully clothed.

Does it seem as though America has sunk into hole? Weather Armageddon and the mass shooting-du-jour and the psychotic gun lobby and the porn actress infidelity and the nightly slack-jawed pre-adolescent tweet barrage coming from the Oval Office—it seems as though we’ve been thrashing around in a cesspool of despair and disbelief ever since this man body-surfed into office on the waves of his despicable fans who bought tickets to his concert of the damned.

You know it’s bad when Republicans are starting to worry about being in bed with this disreputable lying dog of a plutocrat. Apparently, they’ve gotten up with fleas, and it’s starting to itch.

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gemli is a trusted commenter Boston

I’ve always said that when Mitt Romney enters a room you get the feeling that someone interesting just left. He doesn’t have a presence as much as he creates a void.

But lest anyone think that Romney is a cipher, we should look back at the horrific Republican platform under which he ran for president. The misogyny, the homophobia and the smack-down of all the moochers and takers (remember that?) would make Mitch McConnell smile, and Jeff Sessions fall off of his lily pad.

Sure, why not resurrect Mitt? The wheels are coming off this clown car of an administration, and a blast from the past might provide some much needed comic relief. While we’re at it, let’s see if we can dig up Sarah Palin. It would be nice to see Tina Fey on SNL again.

Mitt and the current squatter in the Oval Office have a few things in common. Both were born with a platinum, jewel-encrusted spoon lodged firmly in their mouths. Both make incomprehensible statements during campaign speeches, and one’s a Mormon, while the other’s a moron. Mere coincidence? I think not.

The president always comes up with insultingly juvenile nicknames for challengers. Hmm, let’s see…what rhymes with Mitt? Ah, Twit! Mitt the Twit! That sounds like something the president would say.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The president is barely a year into his administration, and we’re already flirting with nuclear Armageddon. With any luck, there won’t be a 2020.

Again Totally Hilarious!

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There’s a lot the president is willing to give up, and it’s more than just one or two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice. He’s given up on the poor and middle class. He’s given up our standing in the world. He’s given up trying to find fresh adjectives for “good” and “bad.” He’s long ago given up on nuance, civility, common sense and humility.

(Well, that sort of rhymes, so maybe it’s worth
Trying to finish this comment in verthe–uh, verse:)

When diplomacy matters, you know that he’ll show up, and act like a child who refuses to grow up. He’ll lambaste The Times, and while he’s berating it, he’ll diss the fake news even as he’s creating it.

His big mouth is something I wish we could sew up. It might cost us plenty, but I’d put the dough up, ‘though his tax plan might make the economy blow up.

Obama’s fine legacy he’s sworn to dismantle, although to that man he can’t hold a candle. And if he runs out of people to pillory, he’s likely to turn his attention to Hillary.

As much as he dishes out hate and malaise, he can’t get enough of the vacuous praise. He hires exclusively people who suck up, and then fires them when they—what’s the word–screw up.

And so the strange man in the orange pompadour will dish out embarrassment, and then dish out more. Yet if we impeached him, a year or two hence–we might have to do it again with Mike Pence.

Totally hilarious!

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gemli is a trusted commenter Boston

With this president, every week is Ironic Failure Week. I’m sure that if he announced an upcoming energy conference the lights would go out in the middle of his rambling, self-aggrandizing screed. Then he’d claim that Thomas Edison called him afterwards to apologize for spoiling the greatest speech of all time.

The president deserves an award for every abject failure, because he’s pretty much a defective human being at the molecular level. But what about the ordinary folks who serve as apologists for fraud and deceit?

To recognize their contributions, I propose we have an Unscrupulous Liars Week. The first one would go to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I thought Sean Spicer took the cake, but he always looked troubled when he lied to make the president’s insane, fraudulent or illegal activities look normal. Sanders apparently watched Spicer from the wings as he sputtered and withered in the glare, and said, “Send me in coach!”

It probably doesn’t hurt that her dad made a living lying to the clueless for money. It’s one of those acorn-tree sorts of things.

The Top Quark is said to be the shortest-lived elementary particle in the universe, but it takes second place to Anthony Scaramucci. He gets the Potty Mouth Award for his meteoric rise to fame, which is a tiny scale model of the president’s private commode. There’s a little figure of Reince Priebus at the bottom of the bowl, caught in mid-swirl.

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There are seven of us, four men and three women, rehearsing for three performances including dress rehearsal on July 26, 27 and 28. One of the men, a guy named Brian, talked me into joining them so I’m now one of the four men. Not sure I should have agreed to this.

There are a lot of rehearsals. We have today and tomorrow off, but then Sunday through next Thursday there are rehearsals every evening from 6:30 to 8:30pm, and more after that, the week of the performance. We’ve already had four rehearsals.

I’m beginning to get the hang of it. We all read from scripts, no memorization necessary. It’s easy enough to read the script; there are 53 joke-stories and the whole thing lasts for about an hour and a quarter at this point.

The problem is how interact properly with the other person or persons on stage, how to do appropriate miming, and how to turn to indicate passage of time in a joke-story. Each of the joke-stories is performed by separate groups of the seven, groups of from one to four or even five people.

One has to talk very loud and face the rear of the auditorium where a big mirror is supposed to be, although it’s not there yet. One talks toward the back mirror when one is talking to the other character or characters on stage, but talks to the audience when one is narrating. When acting as one of the characters one is supposed to mime what one is saying, not so easy for me, but hopefully I’m learning.

Oh, did I mention this is taking place at the Denmark Arts Center?

I hope I survive it! lol ha ha

Cast & Crew:
back row: Dona Forke, Brian Grennan, Lee Goldsberry, Marden Seavey
front row: Allene Westleigh, Stan Struzynski, Jayne Hamaty, Penny Morris

Contact: Fritz von Ulmer

Date: 7/16/12

RE: Have FUN at the Denmark Arts Center!

For their 20th year, Mainestage Readers Theatre is presenting another collection of skits this summer, called FUN TIMES, which will be performed on the Denmark Arts Center stage on Thursday, July 26 an audience-invited dress rehearsal, Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28 all performances at 7:30 P.M. Laughter is good for the soul, so old and new friends are asked to join in the fun for a non-stop hour plus of entertaining “adult humor” as the cast pokes fun at society and ourselves. Do note the dates and times of the performances on your calendars and plan to attend this relaxing, air conditioned evening of FUN TIMES that will have you smiling and laughing for days afterwards.

A $ 10.00 donation to benefit the Denmark Arts Center is a very small price to pay for “the best medicine!” So, come laugh on July 26, 27 or 28! OR COME ALL THREE NIGHTS AND STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY FOR MONTHS !

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While reading about the Maine senate race in the NYT this morning, I came across a link to a super PAC named icPurple that supports Angus King.

All is in purple at icPurple, and it had to remind me once again of Gogol Bordello and his request that we all start wearin purple NOW!

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The Nines of Open Mic
January 28, 2011
by Mardy Seavey

We’re all dressed to the nines tonight.
Its nine years of the Open Mic!
We’re up on cloud nine tonight.
Its nine years of the Open Mic!
We want the whole nine yards tonight.
Its nine years of the Open Mic!
The nine worthies are here tonight,
One for each year of the Open Mic.
So we gotta swing to the nines tonight,
‘Cause its nine years of
Heather Pierson’s great Open Mic!

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One and a half minutes of foolishness, but charming nevertheless.



OK, I know I said I’d never do it again, but this is just too good to pass up. I think it’s really Tina Fey being interviewed by a Katie Couric look-a-like!

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Samantha Bee, that deliciously over-the-top comedian correspondent for Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, tells it like it is: “As a proud vagina American myself, I’ll be voting for McCain in November…”. Why? Because the woman Sarah Palin is his running mate of course! Hilarious!

NOTE: The video I previously had here is “no longer available”, so, I had to replace it with a slightly longer one of a little over 4 minutes run time.

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