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While reading about the Maine senate race in the NYT this morning, I came across a link to a super PAC named icPurple that supports Angus King.

All is in purple at icPurple, and it had to remind me once again of Gogol Bordello and his request that we all start wearin purple NOW!

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I’m so bored with it. Doing Xmas cards. Yuk. What a Scrooge, eh?

Well, after church yesterday I had fun going to those three nursing homes and singing full blast a bunch of carols. My voice was a bit on the ragged edge but I forced it and didn’t lose it. Had great fun blasting away and watching the people.

I had the privilege of riding in the front seat beside Heather with Joan and Claire in the back as we traveled between nursing homes. It was a bit sad watching our audiences. Some people were out of it, others sang a little, others smiled, and others remained impassive.

There were a total of nine of us: Heather, me, Richard, Ann, Bernice, Joan, Claire, Kerry, Doug. Heather was the leader and kept the pitch low enough so us mid-range people could belt out the songs. It was mighty cold but nice and warm in the buildings of course.

I start off my big week this week with an appointment with Dr. Nolan at 2:15pm on Wednesday. Coming up on Thursday is my session with Tony at 1:30, the “Mind the Body” group at 3pm, and on Friday there’s the last of Heather’s Open Mics. The end of an era of ten full years. Saturday is the day Kate, Don and I drive to Nat and Eryn’s in Waltham. I’ll need to go separately so that the day after Christmas I can drive to Cambridge CoHousing and meet Diane and the MacDougalls. Hope all the cars will fit in Nat and Eryn’s driveway on Saturday! On Sunday, Christmas, the presents will be given out and the Turkey will be roasted, and yes, eaten.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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Here it is!! Your once in a lifetime chance to have it all!! From a handcuffed dance contest to a gourmet pie auction in your face, to B.Y.O.B. allowed in the church, to whatever and whenever from 7pm to 11 or longer!! What kind of a church is this? A FREE CHURCH!! (Well, of course the price of admission to the dance is $10; we gotta make money somehow even in a free church. heh heh)

THE SUSPECTS are a great group, a great band!! Come and experience them along with all the other great goodies!!

See the poster below. The Main Street, Norway is written over the First Unitarian Universalist Church in the poster, but that’s where it is, Main Street in the great little Maine town of Norway.

See ya there!! ENJOY!! It’s gonna be gas, a great time for ALL ages!!

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Hey, we had a good day in church today. I always get turned on there. It starts slow. Very few people. You wonder if anyone will show up. We had a full complement of people for the choir. Four women in the front row. Three men and one woman in the back row. This let us do a four part round. It was a little shaky but we got silent clapping from Becky. For introit we did a Jubilate Deo. Great fun to hit that. I enjoyed singing it.

Mind you this is a UU church with Universalist leaning. We’ve added about six or seven people this year. I think there were close to forty people in attendance today, counting the choir. We’re all very informal. Lots of candles lit. I lit one for son Christopher, saying today would have been his 52nd birthday.

There’s a lot more I could say. I could get into the personalities. People are all friendly and enjoy one another during coffee hour, before church, and even during. There were about ten people at the social concerns meeting during coffee hour. I didn’t attend — being treasurer is enough — and chatted with various people.

I’ve decided to learn “One More Circle” by Peter Mayer, arr. Jim Scott, for the Open Mic this Friday. It’ll be the seventh anniversary. Heather started it the end of January 2002. See an earlier post on the fourth anniversary for background. It’s amazing how time flies.

OK, that’s it for now. Over and out.

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Hey, for you science buffs, and anyone else who is curious, there’s a great humorous op-ed in the New York Times this morning called, The Ten Days of Newton by Olivia Judson.

She points out that Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist of all time, may have been born on Christmas day, depending on the calendar you use, or he may have been born as late as Jan. 4th. The year was 1642.

So, why not celebrate the Ten Days of Newton?, she asks. She gives us the final verse of a new song to be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”:

On the tenth day of Newton,
My true love gave to me,
Ten drops of genius,
Nine silver co-oins,
Eight circling planets,
Seven shades of li-ight,
Six counterfeiters,
Four telescopes,
Three Laws of Motion,
Two awful feuds,
And the discovery of gravity!

Olivia Judson, Sir Isaac Newton, John Lennon:

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When it’s party time in the seaside emirate of Dubai, which Jon Stewart once called ‘what happens when Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas have a baby’, it’s REALLY party time! Here’s the blast off video of the $20 million fireworks display at the opening of the new Atlantis resort on Dubai’s Palm Island. Toward the end of the video you get to see Priyanka Chopra as ‘Goddess of Atlantis’ as she calls the partying to begin. Over the top!


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Here it all is, that great night of November 4, 2008, Barack Obama Elected 44th US President, a Daily Kos video by Jed Lewison:

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Well, here it is, yet another Labor (laborless?) Day, and a beauty of a day it is. The end of summer comes with a bang this year, right on September 1. Tomorrow begins the mad fury of September, the back-to-school days, the beginning of fall. Well, it doesn’t have to be mad, does it? Up here on Fessenden Hill we don’t need to worry about mad rushes back to school. There’s only one family on this old road who has school age kids and they’re home schooled. So, it’ll be quiet, as usual on Fessenden Hill in the coming week. The way I like it.

Today I’m at my computer doing my seemingly endless blogging yet again. Am I addicted? Probably. But I find it fun, what the heck. I made some mods to my blog today and now here I am typing up a post. What do ya know?! But I’m curious. What did I do on some other Labor Days in past years? Let me consult some of my old journal books…..

Labor Day six years ago, Sept. 2, 2002, I started off, journaling (with pen and ink!) at 7:54am: “Quiet here. Everyone in bed. But dogs are barking somewhere….[Yesterday] I decided to try hiking ‘Rankin Trail’ off Hancock Pond road. This was around Noon. It was another adventure for me….The trail soon became a snow mobile trail going by Perley Pond and then hit a fork, one arrow pointing to Sebago and the other to Denmark and Moose Pond. I took the latter, then a narrower one which seemed to be heading toward Fessenden Hill. Just then I encountered a couple ATVs coming along the main path. They stopped and a man chatted with me telling me he owns 300 acres here and to be his guest. Two women with him said, ‘This is our playground!’ ……. Amazingly, I encountered after a lot of struggling over rocks and fallen trees, the same outcropping of rock I had stopped at on Wednesday! Was I happy! Then in another 20 minutes or so I was home.”

Well, at least I got some good exercise in six years ago. Plus blogging by pen and ink!

Labor Day Sept. 4, 1995: “….The day started cool, about 46F, but warmed up a lot and now it’s in the high 60s I think. I went for a walk a while ago. The moon is approaching full and is casting a lot of light….. This morning as I walked out to get the paper, the air felt good and I had slept well. I tried to experience the morning, the beginning — in this case, of the day. And when I went out this evening in the moonlight, my thoughts enclosed the end — in this case, of the day. A life in a day. And the end of the long weekend came. We move on. ….”

Ah, to be philosophical on Labor Day.

Labor Day Sept. 3, 1990: “I’m sitting on a couch at ‘Nancy’s farm’ [Nancy is Cyn’s sister] in Denmark, Maine. The day is cool, approaching fall? Yesterday was hot but finally thickened over with clouds. Went swimming in her pool. The mosquitoes were kind of bad. [same this year!] Cyn and I left home [Carlisle, MA] yesterday at 9:36am and got here at 12:33pm, slightly under three hours and 126 miles….. Yesterday I read some in Barbara Hannah’s, ‘Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination’. Have I met figures from my unconscious? I can think of some. But there’s always the reductionist argument: they’re just illusions, something you ate…… Had long trip home — Labor Day traffic…..”

For brevity, I’ve left out a lot of things, mainly personal. But isn’t it all about me? HAHAHA OK, but I’m shy.

So that’s a smattering of past Labor Days’ activities. This afternoon I did go for a quick walk up the road and back, keeping ahead of the mosquitoes. The wind is strong and it’s in the 70’s. Another Labor Day drawing to a close. We did have eleven people for dinner Saturday night.

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I forgot to recognize Martin Luther King day. But it’s not too late. Here’s the final part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech, I See the Promised Land, the day before he was assassinated. Mighty powerful. Mighty powerful.


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