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It’s probably true, as Minds Erased says, that the Nobel Peace prize is really like a Grammy Award, not based on merit, just a popularity contest, and only meant as a form of encouragement. Hendrick Hertzberg in the latest New Yorker (Oct. 19) pretty much agrees with this view. But that old foreign policy guru, Zbigniew Brzezinski, while admitting that Obama needs to earn the prize, deserves it nevertheless. Why? Here’s what he says:

He deserves it because, in the course of less than a year, he really has refined America’s relationship with the world. He has grandly improved America’s image in the world. He has committed America to a series of policies designed to resolve conflicts and to deal in a non-unilateral fashion with key issues. And he has committed America to grand goals in the area of nuclear weaponry, global problems and so forth.

What do I think?

Well, I think Iran is really not a threat and that if Obama can’t figure out how to talk to them, he’s not earned much, and he really should get out of Afghanistan. At least it appears now that he may drop the idea of routing out the Tailban. That’s a step forward.

But what do I think about Obama getting the prize?

Well, I don’t think he should have rejected it, but I’m sure it’ll be an additional burden for him to carry. It’s good that he at least is donating the proceeds to charity.

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Barbara of the Family-Counts blog, Home in France, has given me the following award which I have placed in my second sidebar under the other awards. Not that many others don’t get awards. It’s the blogging thing to do!

This is a nice reminder that it’s nice to be nice online. It’s so easy in this medium to be not nice which can create all kinds of unnecessary problems. So, I thank you, Barbara, for giving me this award along with four others. I in turn should pass the award on to five others. I’ll try to do this later.

UPDATE: Here are the five that I’ve picked for the Nice Matters award:

GreenAbby of GreenAbby
Danielle Vyas of Modern Musings
Joyce Hopewell of Joyce Hopewell Astrological Chart Interpretations
Missy of Missy’s Big Fish Stories
Mererid Noyle of Dragon Days

You all can display the Nice Matters award on your blog and select five blogger friends to share it with.

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