Hey, it’s time I updated the update of this page! Here it is August 10, 2008, and I finally have a new, softer looking theme called Tarski. The “About me:”, down below, hasn’t changed from what I added on Feb. 5. Take a look if yer curious.

What follows is an update to what I had here previously, and I’ve deleted some stuff that’s no longer relevant. I’m writing this on April 9, 2007.

I originally started this blog two years ago in March 2005 just for the fun of it and hopefully also to copy in my mother’s diaries beginning in 1932. (See the archives.) Over the next year and a half I used it sparingly but every so often tried to upgrade it to the latest Wordpress version. I finally was able to upgrade to Wordpress 2.1.1 from my 1.5 version about six weeks ago, and then I discovered MyBlogLog (MBL) a little over two weeks ago. This has been interesting and I’ve met several new people. Also, through MBL I found a good technical adviser, not just for me but for others as well, that goes by SEVN with the site named, ironically I would say, The Wrong Advices. I think his advices are very useful. I’m up to Wordpress 2.1.3 now, April 9, 2007.

Here’s what I put in my profile two weeks ago at MBL:
About Me: I retired to Maine with my wife Cynthia at the turn of the 21rst century, May 2000. I have a sense of humor and feelings of irony about life. Having a technical background (physics, engineering) and a metaphysical bent, I’m interested in origins of the universe(s) and philosophical speculations, e.g. Why are we here? I sing in the choir of our UU church in Norway, Maine, and am a lifelong UU. Politically I’m liberal but not over the top (I think).
Here’s what I added today, Feb. 5, 2008:
Cynthia and I have two children, Kathryn (Kate) and Nathaniel (Nat or nash), and I had one child, Christopher, now deceased, from my first marriage to Anne, deceased, and Cynthia has two children, Clarrissa and Nye, from her first marriage. Clarissa and Nye have been part of our family from the start. Cheers, Mardé

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Interesting stuff here, especially your Mama’s diary notes which must have been the impetus for your own long-range diary-keeping. “Mardie likes Christmas”!


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Hey, Olde Waugh, glad you dropped by. Yes, I’ve got to get back to those diaries of hers. A lot to copy in. I think I’ll change the date format so that the earliest starts first, and then you work down as time increases. Then it’s more like a diary, turning the pages as time advances…. Yes, Mardie liked Christmas. As the only child it was all mine!


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Hi there, Mardy. Love your blog. Looking forward to learning a lot more through your site. Happy 4th! xo, Eryn

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Just had a moment to check out your blog. LOVE the hat!!! Did you get it yet? Reminds me of the wild hat Nat got you for X-mas one year. What ever happened to it I wonder?

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hi, just dropping by to say hi..i like your background physic and engineering.i’m in chemistry field. had a chance to do engineering but i turned it down.guees,i wan not ready that time…

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Thanks for saying ‘hi’, deana. I started out doing physics but then morphed into engineering. There was more work in the latter. :wink:

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