Gemli’s Response to Maureen Dowd — 13July2019

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This is how the world will end, not with a bang but with a whimper, mostly coming from the self-righteous bunny-hugging branch of liberalism that demands that the world change, and change now! As a 1970s-style liberal, it’s galling to see reality being held hostage to perfection. Speaking with one voice has force. Squabbling makes the big picture get lost in the pixels.

Pelosi knows her stuff, and she’s been playing this hard game for a long time. If A.O.C. doesn’t see that, it’s not because there’s nothing to see, but because she lacks vision. You don’t enter a gladiatorial arena that’s surrounded by the enemy with nothing more than high hopes and idealism. You’ve got to know how the game is played.

Splitting the party into small factions of idealists is the way to lose elections. And we can’t afford to lose the big one again. In one term, an utterly, basely and proudly incompetent president has changed our country into a laughing stock. Four more years, and no one will be laughing.

Democrats need to send a message to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: keep your priorities straight. The goal is not to be right and lose, but to prevail through unity and strength.

Republicans dare not break ranks. Mitch McConnell makes sure of that. But Democrats need to get with the program and get rid of this president. Then there will be time for new ideas and rebuilding the Party. But not until then.

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