David Underwood Response to NYT Editorial — 29Apr2017

David Underwood is a trusted commenter Citrus Heights

For a primer on Trump and his takeover of the GOP, read the series of editorials in the LA Times.
There are six of them, they are as revealing as anything you have read here.

As many of us feared, he was able to appoint a very conservative judge to the Supreme Court. This has damaged our republic for at least another 40 years. But it is not really Trump who has caused this damage, it is the GOP controlled Senate, trump is just a catalyst, he has given the congress the means to carry on the GOP agenda that is a detriment to the citizenry of the U.S.

The GOP has been working to overturn progressive programs since the 1932 election of FDR. Despite their claims, the GOP is opposed to improving the lives and welfare of the citizens, with the convenient argument that it costs too much.This resonates with those who do not have much to start with, and the majority of the wealthy who are just plain greedy.

Read “The People VS Greed: Stealing America” by J.W. Cotchett.

It is why we don’t have universal health care, High Speed Rail, a decline in retirement plans, affordable education. The list goes on, Trump is just a symptom of niggardly policies of the GOP. They do not say so openly, but he is just what they have wanted for the last 85 years.

We have to start by cleaning up congress, Trump has not power without them.


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