Gemli response to Egan — 28 May 2016

gemli is a trusted commenter Boston 1 day ago

Trump isn’t illiterate. He’s anti-literate. He’s the spokesman for the party with nothing to say about the reality of climate change, along with several other topics, such as taxation, international relations, immigration policy, law enforcement and abortion, just for starters.

I’d say he makes it up as he goes along, but you can’t make this stuff up. He has an unreal view of the real world, full of snap judgments and unashamed to wax philosophic on topics he’s clearly never spent a second thinking about.

Most politicians talk about building bridges. They want to connect people together, to achieve accommodation and balance. But Trump’s a fan of building walls to keep out not only rising seas and illegal immigrants but the rest of the real world as well.

Nero merely fiddled while Rome burned, but Trump will lead an orchestra of the ignorant, each harping on some conspiracy theory or denying some reality for personal gain.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, and the rising sea levels will put out the forest fires. With Trump at the helm, that may be the best we can hope for.

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    I agree!


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