Still Cold but End in Sight?

Another night of single numbers, but 27F is predicted for today. We got a dusting of snow last night, far less that the 3 to 6 inches predicted. So maybe the grip of winter is weakening?

Yesterday I took the Subaru over to Profile Subaru for a Recall fix and of course they found more stuff to do. But today in a few minutes I’ll be taking the car down to Rusty’s for an inspection sticker (way out of date on that!). I want to show Rusty what Profile Suub came up with for needed repairs, two of them each running about $880. Maybe Rusty can do them for less? Or maybe not, we’ll see.

Lots to do in the next couple months: sell house, go to Costa Rica, buy apartment at Thornton Oaks or OceanView. The only certain thing is I’ll be going to Costa Rica (to the Osa peninsula) with Phyllis and her sister Jennifer from March 16 to 23rd.


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