Best Response to a NYT Editorial 3/8/2014

Matthew Carnicelli is a trusted commenter Brooklyn, New York

“If it’s politically impossible to do what’s needed, Democrats should at least make the case for stimulus and indulge no illusions that there is some other way to turn conditions around. ”

Exactly. Make the case forcefully – even if they have to buy blocks of time on prime time network television, the way Ross Perot did in the early-mid 1990s.

Hammer your point home again, and again, and again – taking great pains to systematically demolish the talking points of the austerity hawks and the misinformation machine that fuels them.

And then make the mid-term elections a referendum on the kind of nation we want to become – a neo-feudal banana republic, dominated by corrupt, decaying elites like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson; or an economically vibrant democratic republic, in which social and economic mobility is not some fading dream, but a promise to be realized by every new generation of Americans.


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