Maybe I’ll Get an iMac?

I can’t make up my mind as to whether to use the Windows 7 computer I bought for $200, or just get an iMac for $1299. On cost alone the choice should be obvious! But going back a number of years I’ve dreamed of getting a Mac some day. The wonderful Windows XP (SP3) operating system I’ve had for many years is going to be abandoned by Microsoft in April so I have to make a decision. Some say one can keep Windows XP and protect it by using Sandboxie. I read this on Bleeping Computer. But I’m not sure I should go that route. Well, perhaps I should look into it. But I’d still be stuck with my $200 Windows 7 computer, keyboard and mouse. I’d need to get a monitor but that would be less than $100 for a 17 inch. Just can’t make up my mind.

  1. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, I did make up my mind. I got the iMac! And it’s beautiful!

  2. Kate’s avatar

    Way to go, Dad! You won’t regret the Mac! 😉


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