Great NYT Article on Sleep

Rarely do I sleep through the night. Most often I wake up at 1 or 2am and have trouble getting back to sleep. Well, Phyllis alerted me to this great article, Rethinking Sleep, on sleep in Sunday’s NYT. It says I don’t have to sleep through the night! Good. The most creative times could be those between 1 and 3am or another such wide awake period in the middle of the night. Even short naps during the day can help. Historic and cultural evidence for the effectiveness of interrupted sleep patterns is also given in the article. But a doctor warns in one of the many comments on the article not to get too carried away by this. Still, he says just resting in bed while awake cannot be bad. Well, read the article. It’s a good one. And I think it’s going to help me.

One of the people commenting on the article gave a link to Normal Sleep which gives more cultural and historical evidence that what we call “normal sleep” may be abnormal in many places and times.

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