March Lion In!

Here it is, the first of March, and it came in like a …. Lion! A giant snow storm is in progress.

Right on schedule, but still a little late for the celebrators and workers in the snow. JimBob was complaining to me a couple weeks ago that the lack of snow was hurting his business and the businesses of a lot of others too, i.e. the snow plowers, roof cleaners, ski resorters, snow mobiler salespeople, etc. But why not try to make up for it now? There’s still the whole of March, 31 days of it. Of course it could warm up.

At least Olympia Snowe went out like a lamb the day before the big storm. But she is now causing a storm in the GOP which is good thing.

When was the last time March came in like a Lion? Using the almanac weather history finder, and going back year by year for Portland, Maine, for March 1, the first serious precipitation I found was 1.86 inches on March 1, 1999. Pretty wimpy of the first decade of the 21rst century, eh? Except for today!!

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  1. thomas savarino’s avatar

    I had a brainstorm for a project for you.

    Re-write Prufrock in modern voice, focused on software engineers!
    Think of the possibilities for expression of alienation and ennui.
    that’s all I have.
    I gotta go

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Pretty good, Tom.

    Let us go then, you and I,
    When the software engineers are giving facebook a try,
    Like some aliens etherized upon a tablet.
    Let us go through certain half deserted start-ups,
    Waiting for the booms to lower and we can throw-up.

    How’s that?


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