Ever Present Past

While walking fast on my treadmill today I thought again, as I often do, of the process that is my life, how 2007 was just as present as 2003, how the past is ever present but always moving inexorably on into the next moment. My body is changing as we speak, has been for a lifetime. The strangeness of all this hit me intensely for awhile on that treadmill. Just now I looked up Ever Present Past and what do I find but a song by Paul McCartney based on the urban legend Paul Is Dead. Yes, I too was another person then which often I remember fondly. The photos are a great help.

I have a new close friend this year, developed within the past few months. I met some old friends too, and together with the new friend, we had a most delightful conversation. Life goes on. Change occurs. It’s all beautiful, but I’m afraid it’s all precarious as well. So, appreciate it all the more, please.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Well said, Dad, on this last day of 2011. A year of deep thought and profound change. I’ll remember to appreciate it all the more, too.


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