My Christmas

I’m so bored with it. Doing Xmas cards. Yuk. What a Scrooge, eh?

Well, after church yesterday I had fun going to those three nursing homes and singing full blast a bunch of carols. My voice was a bit on the ragged edge but I forced it and didn’t lose it. Had great fun blasting away and watching the people.

I had the privilege of riding in the front seat beside Heather with Joan and Claire in the back as we traveled between nursing homes. It was a bit sad watching our audiences. Some people were out of it, others sang a little, others smiled, and others remained impassive.

There were a total of nine of us: Heather, me, Richard, Ann, Bernice, Joan, Claire, Kerry, Doug. Heather was the leader and kept the pitch low enough so us mid-range people could belt out the songs. It was mighty cold but nice and warm in the buildings of course.

I start off my big week this week with an appointment with Dr. Nolan at 2:15pm on Wednesday. Coming up on Thursday is my session with Tony at 1:30, the “Mind the Body” group at 3pm, and on Friday there’s the last of Heather’s Open Mics. The end of an era of ten full years. Saturday is the day Kate, Don and I drive to Nat and Eryn’s in Waltham. I’ll need to go separately so that the day after Christmas I can drive to Cambridge CoHousing and meet Diane and the MacDougalls. Hope all the cars will fit in Nat and Eryn’s driveway on Saturday! On Sunday, Christmas, the presents will be given out and the Turkey will be roasted, and yes, eaten.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Christmas cards. YUCK. You know, you could be exempt from all of that this year, if you wanted to be. :)

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I did exempt myself from my class of 1946 pals and they understood just fine!


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