February 2011

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The cat, named Bunky, had to be put down today. He was Kate’s cat and I was fond of him because he was so big and funny and pretty. At the same time Hosni Mubarak flew to his seaside Red Sea resort, 250 miles from Cairo which immediately burst into a wild sea of celebration. I said goodbye to Bunky this morning by stroking his fur and talking to him which got his attention. Now he is no more, cremated. Mubarak too is no more, not cremated, but no more is he in charge of anything in Egypt. The generals are now in command. We’ll see what they do. They promise to give the people what they want, democracy. Promises, promises.

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Methodius has an excellent post on the false neutrality shown by much of the media. His post, False Neutrality, links to an Egyptian blog coming from one of the few locations in Cairo with an internet connection. There are also quotes from “one of the most lucid and clear eye-witness accounts of what was happening in Egypt at Robert Fisk: Secular and devout. Rich and poor. They marched together with one goal – The Independent.

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