Mama Grizzly says Lamestream Media!

And she’s right! Never thought I would agree with Sarah Fucking Palin on anything, but in this case…..

Did you watch the president’s weekly address today?? Probably not. I didn’t either but I read about it later. He’s demanding an up or down vote on the small business aid bill.

This is another sign that he’s beginning to fight back. He can demand all he wants but Mitch McConnell holds the votes. Somehow that bastard has every little Republican under his thumb, even our sometimes moderate senators Susan and Olympia. How does he do it?

The blatant hypocrisy and duplicity of the way the Republicans blocked this bill by adding totally irrelevant controversial amendments which in all rights should require separate legislation should be obvious to any fair minded person. Why isn’t the media helping to shed light on this? Why aren’t they exposing this crap?

Because, as Momma Grizzly says, they are lamestream! It’s a lamestream media!!

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  1. BorderExplorer’s avatar

    I guess that is why, when Katie Couric asked her, she could not come up with any examples of publications she regularly reads! Ya THINK?

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes! That’s right, Billie. She is pretty lamestream herself, so, why wouldn’t she call the media that? Irony is, she’s right!
    Thanks for your comment, Billie!


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