How Does My Garden Grow?

This afternoon I planted six tomato plants in the outer rim of the round garden Cynthia had made a few years back. I had previously yanked out the weeds in this space with my bare hands. Bare hands! Then again with those bare hands I pulled up the low flowering weeds in the semi-circular area below the rectangular garden area in which I had planted two rows of green bush beans this morning. Then I stirred up the soil with the hoe and plunked in a butternut squash plant and a pickling cucumber plant. Yesterday I bought a couple zucchinis and plunked them in the rectangular plot beside the strawberries. Then I cut down some tall weeds shading that area. The three Cherry Tomato plants I put in over a month ago are looking fine now. Kate put wire frames around each of them. And finally, the numerous lettuce plants I put in at the same time as the cherry tomatoes are looking good.

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  1. Dragonstar’s avatar

    I have cherry tomatoes in tubs and hanging baskets, hoping to defeat our many (and strong!) varieties of slugs and snails. They look strong, but they’re slow. I don’t dare try lettuce!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Wow, thanks for your message, Mererid. Don’t get many comments these days because of Facebook, although even w/o Facebook I don’t get many. But why should I? The interconnected world is approaching the complexity of the human brain!

    But getting back to slugs and snails, we have them too, but so far this year I haven’t seen any. However, I’m afraid they will show up, especially the slow moving but stubborn slugs. It’s interesting you put your cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets. Not a bad idea. I might try that. One of the 18 lettuce plants I put out looks like it’s died, not sure of the cause, but a few of them are beginning to get larger. Perhaps the slugs are waiting for something worth chewing on before they begin their journey of inexorable destruction. I’ll keep an eye out!

  3. Kate’s avatar

    Good job Farmer Mard!


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