Minimos Users Symposium ’89

Ah, the exciting Minimos Users Symposium of 1989 in all it’s glory! Can you identify the participants? I see me! Second from right standing, with Wilfred Haensch behind me to my left.

Can you identify the seated front row people? Let us begin with Martin Thurner on the left. Then comes Johann Nittmann, manager of the CEC and looking quite chipper. Beside him sits the lovely Romy Maier, the office secretary and consultant for those new to Vienna. Beside Romy of course sits the great Professor Siegfried Selberherr, inventor of Minimos! And then comes the fun guy, Willie Curran who handles all the business relationships. Wonder where he is now? Beside Willie sits someone I can’t recognize, and then comes someone I can recognize but can’t think of his name. As I remember, he was a friendly fun guy.

Where are they now? After 21 years…

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  1. John Faricelli’s avatar

    Not quite the Solvay conference, but…

    There’s me, fifth from the right.
    I believe that’s Christian Scheibl in back of Romy.

    — John F.

  2. Llanda’s avatar

    I see 3/4 of Gerd Nanz’ head 2 rows behind Siegi, slightly to his left. I also see Charlie Wimmer at the right end of the front row. Wonder where he and Sabine are now? BTW, yesterday was Martin’s BD.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    No, it is not quite the Solvay conference. That’s why I’m more visible.
    Yes, Christian Scheibl is in full frontal.
    I would never have picked out Gerd Nanz! Excellent observation, 2e.
    Yes, nice Charlie Wimmer. I had forgotten his name. Sabine was the actress, right? I went to one of their plays once but had trouble understanding… perhaps it was in German. Ah, and Martin’s BD. He must be pushing the upper decades by now.

  4. Gerd’s avatar

    There are Jan Nylander and Peter Dickinger between John and Gerd

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Ah, thank you Gerd. My eyesight is getting weaker but my curiosity is just as strong. I totally forget the name Peter Dickinger but Jan Nylander is still highly active up there in Sweden. I hope you are fine, Gerd. And thanks for commenting on this old photo. Ah, those were the days!


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