Another warm day

Two days in a row of summer like temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. Pretty good. I’m tired today as usual. I slept OK the first part of the night, went to bed at a few mins before 10pm. But then I woke up around 1am, went to the bathroom to pee, came back, off to the bathroom again around 2am, and then seemed not to sleep at all, although I must have. Was about to get up at 6:10am but went to the bathroom and came back to bed rather than stay up. I actually got another hour of sleep in but I’m still tired.

I got all the church money ready for the bank this morning and then after lunch, which I make now for Cynthia, I finally went to the bank and deposited the money. Then I stopped at Hannaford and got some provisions, then I went to the bank and got some money out (forgot to when I had been just there), then I went to the Paris Farmers’ Union and bought some Buttercrunch Lettuce and some Sunsugar Cherry Tomato. Good! Now tomorrow I can plant them.

On Facebook I added some comments to a few people and got some return comments, became a friend of Helena Whitehead and David Farr, answered some church email about buttons for volunteers, sent an email to Dorothy Raymond, and believe it or not she’ll be in church this coming Sunday! I wrote YAY, DOROTHY, because we sure as hell need her help.

What else? Can’t think of anything right now. I better go.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Great! Get some plants in the dirt!


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