Lucky purchase!

I was worried half the night about how I’m going to help Richard put the stewardship packet together and go to his Circle Dinner this evening. Then on the way to Norway this morning I got the sensible idea of stopping at the Printery in Bridgton to get some peelable address labels. I bought a box of 1″X2and 5/8″ labels, 30 to a page, and sure enough these turned out to be just right.

Also, I found, as I expected, that I could create the labels from the MemInfo program. So, good! That problem solved, although I’m sure Lori has another way of printing the labels. Richard showed up and we added some more people to the list. We’ll probably end up having nearly 50 stewardship packets to pass out. Good!

About 12:30pm I decided to walk over to the Cafe Nomad for a sandwich rather than hit the underground cafeteria at the hospital. I had a nice organic, veggie and goat cheese type sandwich and coffee, and read the editorial in the Advertiser-Democrat which was highly critical of the far right far out wingnut, Rev. Celeste. Good.

Then I went back to the church and downloaded my excel file for the charts and my stewardship report, and I was able to print them out.

Is this all getting pretty boring?

Well, around 2pm the girl, Ailee Philips, showed up and Richard was also there, so after showing her a few of the things we’re doing on the computer, I bid my adieu. Good luck to them getting a newsletter out. Lori uses Microsoft Publisher and I don’t think the girl has used that but maybe she can do it.

What a lot of last minute stuff! Well, without an office manager — Lori had a bad falling accident and broke her leg and ankle — it’s hard to get things done at the church.

OK, now I take my 4pm pills and we take off for Richard’s around 5:15pm.

Over and out. Yes, I’m busy. It’s fun but tiring when one doesn’t sleep well.

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