What’s Going On?

In my inner life? Or my outer life? Perhaps I better not delve too deeply into the inner, after all, this is the public sphere here. At our church Board meeting a week ago a church member appeared with a complaint: her name had been mentioned on the church website, a clear security violation. OK, but I can think of worse violations, like publishing her password.

Who cares? A name is a drop in the multi-terabyte bucket that is the Internet.

I’m all exercised about the politics in the U.S. Senate. This 60 vote requirement for cloture coupled with Scott Brown’s election has brought everything to a grinding halt. The GOP is determined to bring Obama down. This comes first before the doing of real work, like solving the nation’s problems, or at least trying to.

I’ve been working hard on church stuff. We need to get the Stewardship packet ready for passing out at the May 2nd service, Stewardship Sunday. Richard has our stuff now. He’s looking at it as I write this. Tomorrow he does the packet with the temporary office manager. I may have to go down there if something needs changing but maybe not.

Tomorrow Cynthia and I go to the Circle Dinner at Richard’s. There’ll be eight of us there including Richard and Joan. Should be good.

The next day, Friday, we go to North Conway to the fabulous Red Jacket Inn for the NNED/UUA annual meeting. We’re staying overnight at the Red Jacket. Should be good.

Life goes on. On the inner life front I’m constipated at the moment. Yesterday everything worked out OK on this front. Today I’m waiting.

I still play around a little on Facebook but am gradually weaning myself off.

Well, that’s it for now. Pretty boring, huh? LOL :-)

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Sounds like there is a lot going on! Thanks for sharing some of it..

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Kate. Yup, at least the olde guy keeps busy. :-)


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